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  1. Do you remember the opening band, Touch?
    With the most sensational, overdriven guitar ever heard, in the entire world, ever?

    I saw The New Order's on their first tour, just after Curtis died. Didn't come on until after midnight & played for 45 minutes without speaking.
    Similarly, The Elbow's - dreadful.
    But nowhere near as bad as The Kiss', The ZZ Top's or The Blue Oyster Cult's.

    By the vest & pants of the little baby Jesus, I've been to some lousy gigs!
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  2. I can't say I thought New Order were that great either, but I am glad I saw them, certainly the anticipation was better than the performance. I reckon for every pants performance I've seen, I've been surprised by others that I didn't think were going to be any good, but were.
  3. Saw Gallagher at the Odeon in Brum - awesome. Saw some great gigs there in the late 80s.

    Man, I would have love to have see Lowell George live, I'm a huge Little Feat fan - Two Trains or Roll Em Easy are two faves :thumbsup::thumbsup: saw them in the early/mid 90s I think with a very different line up. Can't for the life of me thik where though (hazy early 90s for me).

    I did get to see Nirvana in Edwards No.8 in Brum - the capacity was approx 150 people. They were 1st on before Mudhoney and TAD, again very hazy memories :beer::oops:
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  4. I thought the same when we saw the Eagles on one of their many "definitely the last" tours. I suppose that's another to add to the list - although from the back of Twickenham hardly counts as seeing a band...
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  5. @Bernard Fishtrousers ,touch? I sometimes have to look at the programmes :rolleyes: forgot I'd seen budgie until I found an old programme :).
  6. I saw Gene Pitney two days before he passed away , also seen Michael Jackson and Queen . We dare not see anyone else we think we jinx their health.
    I would recommend you see Joe Brown whilst he is still above ground
  7. Just found out the Deep Purple gig that we have tickets for in October is being moved to October next year. Fingers crossed they all last that long! :D
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  8. Who's on keys? :confused: Jon Lord's keyboard solos were killer. I've seen him with Whitesnake and DP.
  9. I saw Rory twice at Brum Town Hall. First time his band got stuck in the fog, so he played for an hour on his own with his brother Donal playing the drums (not very well). We kept our tickets, and a couple of weeks later he did another show for free. A real trooper.

    Saw Little Feat at Brum Odeon. This proves that Birmingham is the world centre of Good Stuff. And Joan Armatrading is of course a Brummie.
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  10. I saw the Birthday party at a squat in Sarf London, PIL (without JR) rehearsing in clink studios, talking heads in a tiny club Moles, Bath, Banshees in Retford.
    I'm a small gig fan.
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  11. Don Airey.

    Steve Morse on guitar. Gillan, Glover & Paice
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  12. I might have to try to get some tickets then. Those guys are all legends.
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  13. That's what we thought when we bought the tickets. Could be the last chance to see a lineup as close to original as this. I doubt that Blackmore would be involved ever again. We're keeping fingers crossed that they all stay in good health :)
  14. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    I went to see Ken Dodd and I was sorry
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  15. Is that because you missed out on his tickling stick then? Asking for a friend....
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  16. Blackmore once said Gillan's voice had gone so Ian when told Richie wanted back in said his guitar skills weren't up to it anymore :rolleyes:
    They once found Richie in a cupboard facing the back smoking weed :)

    Edit, also Richie always wants to play child but Ian can't hit the notes.
  17. I'm hardly surprised! There are not many that could hit the notes at their peak, let alone when of pensionable age! :D
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  18. Slightly disappointed that nobody's mentioned G T Moore and the Reggae Guitars.
  19. I was lucky enough to see The Who with Moon rattling the traps.
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  20. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    The Beatles with both George and John
    The Rolling Stones with Brian Jones
    Queen with Freddie
    Johnie Johnson ... the basis for Johnie Be Good.
    Many more from the good old days.
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