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  1. ... you saw perform before they popped their clogs?

    Following on from wendygun's thread of who do you wish you'd seen. Who are you glad you actually saw in time?

    Mine was finally seeing Motorhead in 2009. I never managed to back in the day, despite owning a LOT of albums. It wasn't the greatest performance from Lemmy and the boys, but I was there

    I'll also slip in seeing Black Sabbath at their last but one gig (the last night was fully booked within minutes!). I know the members may still be around, but I think that was the only convincing farewell tour ever i.e. they really won't be back
  2. Probably John Homes:thumbsup:

    And if my wife reads this its only a joke :thumbsup:
  3. I think it may be Kiss at Monsters of Rock 1996.

    We got pretty much down to the front, it was great to see Stanley, Simmons, Criss and Frehley not only headline but in THE Kiss line up.

    As with Black Sabbath above, they haven't popped their clogs par se but its a line up which will never happen again.
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  4. From over your shoulder?
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  5. I saw Queen at Knebworth in 1986 when King Freddie was at the height of his pomp and ridiculousness and I'm glad I did because though we didn't know it then it was the last time he played live.
    The year before I also saw the Ramones just before they all started to drop like flies:thumbsup:
  6. Merlin Cat

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    Motörhead for me Glasto 2015.
    Joe Strummer Cambridge Folk the year before he died - May have been same year.
    I’m sure I will find others as It appears I only go and watch people my age and above!
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  7. Oh - I could add Monsters of Rock in 1984...
    Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)
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  8. Go along with Motorhead, saw them in 76 at Maidstone art college. Alex Harvey is also on the list 1974 and Bowie 1973
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  9. Wish I had seen him - but still I managed to see a few greats back in the day -
    Ray Charles
    Chuck Berry
    Sonny Boy Williamson
    John Lee Hooker
    Leonard Cohen
    also a few bands in their original line ups -
    Shadows (with Jet Harris & Tony Meehan)
    Rolling Stones ( with Brian Jones)
    Led Zeppelin (with John Bonham)
    Queen (With Freddie)
  10. Have a half decent B&W photo somewhere.
    Now that I think about it I rarely went to concerts .... maybe five in all?! The Scaffold, Bob Dylan, Barbara Thompson, John Martyn .... Must have been too wrapped up in other things.
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  11. AC DC '79 with Bon Scott, def leppard were the opening act before they had made it.
    Saw AC DC return with Back in Black 2 nights city hall Sheffield smaller venues to see if Johnson could cut it.
    1st monsters of rock Rainbow headlined just before they became pants.
    Only festival held at Stoke fc with Frank Marino lighting the stage up as one of the warm up acts. Ozzy was on before Moorhead headlined.

    Edit, sorry port vale fc not stoke :rolleyes:
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  12. I was very happy to see Gregory Isaacs at 4am in Cambridge Utd football club bar a few years before he died. No stage, back up tapes and the whole "gig"wandering around the tiny audience singing to the ladies. It was billed as some sound system or other "with" Gregory Isaacs, I guess the whole thing was a bit unbelievable, most of the white part of the audience had given up and gone home before he was coaxed out away from his crack pipe. Sad but still brilliant as ever.

    Catching bands touring their best album could be a good thread, I'm crap at it though I caught Happy Mondays Pills and Thrills and Sabbath who never really made a bad album if you like their thing. I had free pulp tickets too but didn't bother.
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  13. Ultravox with Jon Foxx twice was memorable. Bands used to come to your town and play in small venues back then didn't they? Much better. By chsnce I saw Shakin Stevens and the Sunsets just before he got his chance on TOTP. Nothing special, pretty dull but it was what was on within walking distance as were Sabbath, UFO, Ultravox, Stranglers, AC/DC, all those late 70's bands for £3-4 a time.
  14. ron


    Went to see dave berry and the sixties groups . He said "I used to appear at cleethorpes regular some of you might be my kids " :p
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  15. The Prodigy, 3 times. 2 at various raves and once at Glastonbury.
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  16. I think a lot of old rockers on here.....
    I'm with @Norris at monsters of rock....:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  17. Prodigy did a set at Santa Pod one year.. enjoyed that.. Bug Jam or one of those.. weekends out got a bit blurry for a while.. didn't Liam have a splitty?

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  18. I'm a big fan of pre-Midge Ultravox. Not saying after they were bad, they weren't, but the early band was a completely different animal.
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  19. I saw Dio's Holy Diver tour in the Birmingham Odeon before they turned it into a cinema. I think that was in '83? I was a kid at the time. Also saw Marillion, Hawkwind, and Steve Hackett there too.
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