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  1. Hendrix at IOW 1970. A life changing event.
  2. Saw Van Halen at Sheffield City hall, then with Sammy at, I think, Manchester Arena.
  3. My cousin went, very jealous :hattip:
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  4. Dio was different gravy. Saw him with Sabbath in about '80 then as Heaven and Hell a few years ago. He couldn't understand people preferring Ozzy in Sabbath.
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  5. Ozzy was Sabbath or rather, not to denigrate the other guys, Sabbath wasn’t Sabbath without him but it was still a good band in its own right.
    Ronnie IMO had one of the best rock singing voices ever, his stint in Rainbow was the best Rainbow. But I didnt enjoy his Sabbath much or some of the other bands he fronted.
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  6. Your right about his Rainbow stint, I saw a pale imitation with Graham Bonnet.
    Ozzy just can't sing anymore, enjoyed the last tour as I just missed Sabbath first time around but more for seeing the original song's not for how his voice was.
    Can't bring myself to go see him again.
    First time I saw Ozzy he had shaved his head on, I think, the blizzard of oz tour :eek:
  7. Just a after thought, did you not rate Sign of the southern cross? Or heaven and Hell as stand alone songs?
  8. To be clearer, I was a massive DIO fan, especially the earlier stuff before he decided to put a rainbow in every song :p
    I wasn't that much into Sabbath fan except for the early stuff with Ozzy, I even taught their material in a guitar course once, so yeah I did dig it a lot.
    When I started playing drums I think my tastes (or what I appreciated) changed quite a bit.
  9. Saw The Tom Robinson Band at the Odeon there, and Joan Armour Plating as well, both late 70s. My brothers saw the Stones there, and the Faces, (not long after Ronnie Lane had left) early 70s :)
  10. I saw Depeche Mode, on their Violater tour, in 1990 at the old Wembley Arena.
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  11. Rory Gallagher 1973 - Bristol Colston Hall
    My first concert aged 14. He was touring his "Blueprint" album. What a first gig.
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  12. Ha! Saw Mr Gallagher many times in his heyday. He seemed to be on once a fortnight (and always wearing the same shirt). Never a duff gig.

    And Joanie Armadingo, who was tiny with an enormous afro. Belting.

    Saw Little Feat while Lowell George was still alive. They were unique. I can (and will) sing Dixie Chicken after a few beers.

    And Pink Floyd in their Animals days, complete with flying pigs. Couldn't stand Animals (or Roger Waters), but they did play most of Dark Side of the Moon, so that was alright.
  13. That'd be a blue check lumberjack shirt!
  14. I saw him in a red lumberjack shirt once, so he must have had two of them ;)

    Great guitarist!
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  15. Rainbow were pants at Donington.
    When Bonnet got to the end of Stargazer, and the verse that ends,
    'time standing still, then there's blood on the sand'
    He sang the first verse again, which sort of missed the point.

    I have seen some good bands that I'll never be able to see again.
    Slade with Nod
    Motörhead with Lemmy/Fast Eddie/Phil Taylor
    Hootie & the Blowfish
    Martha & the Muffins
    Kool & the Gang
    Sad Café
    & Girschool with Kelly*

    * Although this was also a bit of a disappoint, since they all wore big black gym knickers.
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  16. The Stones, before they got too old. Then more recently the Stone Roses, before they fell out again :( The singer's a ****k, no the drummers a k***, all the way thru they were at each other, but they still had the vibe.

    The same year I saw an acoustic set by Suzanne Vega, she was amazing at a small venue.

    I got dragged along by a friend to a Midnight Oil concert in 1990, I had no idea who they were... there was a minibus full of students from Bath Uni and I was on work placement in Brum. They picked me up along the way to the NEC, what a gig! The mini bus driver was the beautiful NI lass, we had a fab summer and ended up kinda together, tho her being strict Catholic it was more friendship than anything else. I was too daft to understand what I'd run into and gave up on the relationship coz I didn't think it was going anywhere :rolleyes: I bet there's some lucky guy out there, right now. Still a huge Midnight Oil fan, however :)

    The Who with Mr Starr junior, before The Ox passed. Starr is a way better drummer than his Dad and the best approximation to Keith Moon they ever had. Sad about the Ox, but you don't get a name like that for nothing :rolleyes:.

    The last one that sticks in the mind is New Order, again over a decade ago, again before they got too old.

    Oh I forgot, Strummer, Fun Lovin' Criminal s and Iggy Pop at an early T in The Park. All great festival bands. For the same reason, I would like to see Elbow at a festival, before Garvey's liver gives up on him. :)
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  17. Blackmore told him to grow his hair so Bonnet had it cut shorter. Richie said he wanted to cave his head in with his guitar.
    Can you remember Saxon starting 747 just as a plane flew over, proper good timing.
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  18. I thought it was going to be the Stones last gigs when I saw them at Roundhay Park in the 80's :rolleyes:
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  19. The Stones will still be around in about 100 years :eek:
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  20. I reckon it was the early nineties when I saw the Stones, the tour where they had the Python? on the stage set.

    Edit, I reckon it was Voodoo Lounge Tour in Shef, of all places :)

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