Which Battery?

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  1. No. The volt meter said the battery was in its way out anyway.I think I found the problem now. The wires up behind the oil bath filter. I just put my hand behind it, and traced all the wires up to the box, tried it, and it fired up fine.
    Wire cleaning, next. I forgot those little connections, up there.
  2. I have mentioned it before but I measured the current on my 1641 and the solenoid draws 16 amps and the starter draws 50 amps cranking.

    While my Peugeot 2.0 diesel draws 260 amps peak.
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  3. Came to say this, the batteries might not be the best, but they work, and they are without doubt the easiest to get exchanged if they fail
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  4. Those wires shouldnt be broken behind the oil bath .. should be some go to the voltage regulator then the oil pressure switch, alternator wiring and a big black switched igniton wire going to the coil.
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