Which Battery?

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  1. Thousand year old question, I know.
    But batteries change.
    Took the van out for fuel. Put a few quids worth in to take it for a shakedown run.
    Hard trouble starting, thought I was going to run it down, but it gave s last hearty kick and fired up.
    The batteries losing its charge when static, anyway. Which do I need, and the best place to get it from, please.
  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Bosch S5
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  3. Tayna batteries online are usually good on price think it's a 065(3?) Size is stock I think, but the 096 Bosch S4 one fits and has a good amount of oomph for a cold morning

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  4. x2 for Tanya. I got an 096 Varta for the starter battery.
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  5. Are they Hamfrulds things?
  6. Got both of mine, main and leisure, from Tayna. Fair prices and quick delivery.
  7. Don’t know but the leisure batteries are yuasa make branded with their own jaffa stickers, I have a few powering inverters for the shed
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  8. FE03876E-9D0C-487B-9A54-34579D779186.png Nope.
  9. Just get an 063 or 096-sized battery from the manufacturer of your choice. Those vehicle lookup things are a pain.
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  10. What’s the difference between those two?
  11. The physical size and terminal layout, if I remember the numbers correctly. An 096 is the biggest you can fit in a Bay, if you want a larger battery.
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  12. They're fine if you have a 2015 Mundano but no chance with anything interesting;)
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  13. Try fighting your way through the one on GSF!
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  14. Thanks. I’ll see what I can find.
  15. Eurocarparts isn't much better :(
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  16. Vartas are good. Nice and German :thumbsup:
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  17. The own brand starter batteries are Yuasa as well. They are good batteries and have the benefit of warranty return at any Halfords store.
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  18. an 063 size from Halfords, they have 3,4, 5 year warranty, depending on your budget, cant go wrong tbh (find someone with a trade card and its even cheaper
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  19. I don’t know about your bus. In mine there is a standard Halfords 63 but both the positive and the earth lead are quite tight reaching the terminals, they are crossed over. I believe that these buses may have been intended for use with R batteries (reverse terminals) so the positive is at the front (nearer the starter) and the earth at the back (nearer the chassis earthing hole).
    Im going to consider replacing my starter battery with a 96R when it needs replacing.

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