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  1. Unlikely, I'd think, given that the battery earth strap is on the wheel arch.

    a split charge 1 6s.jpg
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  2. Mine isn’t (‘71 bus). It’s attached to the diagonal piece behind the tail lamp. I think maybe crossovers are like this too.
    Btw that’s a nice engine bay :)
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  3. Yes, early and crossovers used the less common reversed terminal battery.
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  4. If your battery is going flat when the bus is standing still you have parasitic drain from something like my Sony stereo that draws 0.25 amps if the fascia is fitted and it is turned off.
    With fascia removed its effectively zero.

    Basically though when I went into GSF they looked it up and said 'Bosch S4' which is tiny but works OK.
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  5. No reason it shouldn't, it is only a low compression engine, they only came out of the factory with a 45Ah battery, Beetles only had a 36Ah battery.
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  6. Mine is going flat, just sitting in the garage, on the bench.Its quite old, and it’s not been used for a few years, etc...
  7. I just got a 5y warranty one from Halfords with a trade card it was the cheapest and I know they replace them no problem if needed.
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  8. Based on snottys advice (get the biggest that fits) I got this:

    bosch s4

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  9. You've been very consistent in your battery advice over the years. I took it many years ago and have been very impressed with my S5.
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  10. I got one from them with five year guarantee. They have changed it twice in three years with no issues . Worth paying a bit extra for the warranty. Think i read somewhere that thirty percent of batteries are expected to fail within three years
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  11. Yeah, the way I see its a place with a shop front where you can go in and get it sorted pretty much straight away without any hassle of mail order etc etc. Just keep your receipt. Halfords seem to be very good and doing email receipts until it comes to buying a battery, am I too sceptical?

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  12. Ok.
    Thanks guys.
    Better advice that I started with.
    Went for the Halfrauds Yuasa 5000.
    HSB075. 5 year guarantee.:thumbsup:
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  13. I’ve bought a few Halfords batteries for customers and never had any problems. With my discount they are the cheapest around.
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  14. Here’s a thing.
    Just got back, put the new battery on. Lights on the dash come on. Turn the key... nothing!
    Not even a click!
    Not what ?
    Ideas, please.
    (On the right way.)
  15. If it turned over before then have you checked you haven't displaced any of the connections on the starter motor (one is from battery +)? Try shorting the starter terminals and see if it turns.
  16. It turned over yesterday. Went out in it to get fuel.But hard starting it, to get home. Bought the new battery just now, and put it on. Now nothing at all.
  17. So it wasn't the battery.
    Bad earth strap connection?
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  18. Buy one from kiwi-fit i think they come with a 1-2 year guarantee. plus they will fit it and refit it and refit it and refit it;)
  19. All that new found current finally killed off your ignition switch?

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  20. I would also check your engine earth strap. It may have been dodgy before and a new battery has shown up any weaknesses (like it not being really connected).
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