whats happened to @barneyrubble

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  1. 10 mins :eek: In that time I could've s*** myself three times :confused:
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  2. I'm working on my engine with @davidoft
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  3. Got bog in a bag for any emergencys
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  4. who chan
    who changed by post:eek: it's September
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  5. Be like pickin up dog poo (oh the imagery! :()
  6. Here you go :thumbsup:

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  7. :cheers: can I offend anyone, feeling a bit left out.. Seriously though its been a weird catch up on these threads, some of you lot really dont come across well to the casual reader. Perhaps you might not really care, but there certainly seems to be a lack of respect going on.

    I also can't help but think a lot of what's being said would never be said to someones face, much easier to do it behind a keyboard and screen.

    Am sure this topic will go on and on for quite some time yet. Maybe some of you will even come to regret posting some of what you have....
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  9. Ye gods & little fishes, that's something I can't unsee! Caravan club you say? You will need to hover Cong dunno what you might catch :D
  10. @Andy_H_VW
    Your seriously looking at this website
    So am I but am doing my paper work because that's the only time I have. So what's your problem at this sad hour of time. You need kids I don't know but a life then you wouldn't be sturing up trouble or maybe that's what you like don't you? Positive will always be stronger then negative have a word with yourself please.
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  11. I blame the parents
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  12. And so it begins...
  13. What now
  14. Not with @Geordie ..... he is confused at his tax return & it is winding him up is all! He has a certain way with words ;)
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  15. This is funny:D
  16. @Geordie does however have some mean joinery skills in his locker so can be forgiven :rolleyes:
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  17. To be fair I didn't really understand some of it... But that's okay. :)
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  18. Hi Rick
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  19. Hi Zed Xxxxxxx
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  20. O hello woody
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