whats happened to @barneyrubble

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  1. I have never tasted horse wee so can't compare but if it does I'm getting a horse
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  2. Goes nice in a pint of snakebite - the cider that is, not the horse wee
  3. Anything that horse wee does go well with? We're having friends over for cocktails.
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  4. If you are mixing it in cocktails I reckon urine for a bit of a surprise
  5. Moons

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    It's uncanny your memory on these things, practically verbatim....weird, given that my recollection of you is your sparking up mid November and nothing before that.

    You'd have far more credibility were you to use your original login eh....and THAT is why I tend to be more direct with you.

    As for the engine thing, I don't give a crap what my friends think on that, leave alone a total stranger.....less still someone who is presenting themself as someone else.

    Tell me, as someone that never partook in any of those conversations at the time with those departed, didn't post anything for the few years before that, how suddenly are you so aware of those involved....why work so hard on pretending to be vague on the detail but able to quote verbatim on conversations you were not in any shape or form part of?

    Me, I'm consistent and don't hide behind dual logins....why is your behaviour so concentrated on trolling and wind ups? Why the interest on something that has nothing to do with you, and why the jaundiced view?
  6. and the people taken in by the prosseco hype....:)
  7. is he barney rubble ..:thinking:
    do i get my £10 ...:)
  8. I don't have dual logins and never have
    I won't have this one for much longer
    If you don't shut up
  9. sANDYbAY

    sANDYbAY On benefits-won't sponsor!

    Would you two like a bit of privacy?
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  10. Are you taking the......

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  12. I cannot believe that nobody has yet asked the question "Snotty, how do you know?
    Is there something you want to tell us?" :eek:
  13. It was after I read that book by Mahatma Ghandi...
  14. Poptop2

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    It tastes like snow!
  15. Can you taste Fullers through the lemonade :D

    And as for that Pride thing o_O
  16. Can we reply later? Barry and I are just popping out for some quiche and a shandy top.
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  17. ron


  18. Would you really drink anything made by the "Yeastie Boys" :eek:?
  19. Get me a creme de menthe frappe will you? I'll be there once I've tidied my man bun top knot thing and head and shoulders'd my beard.
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  20. Is he not sharing his am then :D
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