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    Fancy Rosy, after finding the track I posted by accident while listening to punk on 'tube.
  2. I really must re kindle my stereo with some old 76 punk compilation albums ...pretty damn rare now .
    One of my favourites is Farewell To The Roxy album just before the Roxy was closed down .
    Think the club was around covent Garden .
    The other punk venue where they all went after the Roxy was closed was The Vortex on Wardour St .

    I have a Live At The Vortex album which is well rare ....that closed after a short space of time REAL punk only lasted 2 years . The Clash , Stranglers , Police ...Good but not punk . The Whizz infused heads of the early boys was the cause of the incredible drum beat speed .
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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Depends what you call punk, I think it never really died in terms of "anything goes musically". All that high speed thrashing? Never really appealed to me. :)
  4. The variation of it increases as time goes on . I know what you mean about the thrashing , but providing it was tight and accurate i liked it . The hippys loathed it ...but that was the purpose cheap and cheerful and not to be taken seriously .
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  5. Ohh and then there was the huge fashion change and cult .
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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

  8. Elton at his best.
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  10. Seagulls.
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  11. I’ve only known about this wonderful lady for a matter of weeks, but the joy she puts over when she plays is so infectious……

    She does a lot of ELP covers too for you Prog fans out there.
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  14. Reminded me of Vlad, hopefully it will not be long. He has stolen the grim reapers scythe.

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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Those Yanks, they have always such high standards of musicianship and still do. The competition over there, the sheer organisation, practice, arranging, producing - if you don't have it you get buried. Over here it's more about emotion - quite sloppy really but it's what we're good at and don't have that competitiveness which gives us a different edge.
    More Yanks laying it down! Don't really "like" this but I do admire it. :)
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  16. Oh I like that a lot! Reminds me of the Brecker Brothers. I know what you mean about that kind of almost striving for perfection in performance and sound, which I often find a bit pointless, I like fluffs and bum notes, but this is just so funky and full of joy I love it :D
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  17. The sound of blowing fuses.
  18. Tanya Donnelly’s old band?
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