What temps you running at??

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  1. yeah the RJES setup or the Fellows setup or TSR setup or Nick Tune setup
  2. there are very helpful people here.
    who know what they are talking about.
    it's cool...
    you bought a bay with a swap ??!??
    without "notion" of mechanics ...
    it's complicated when a montage was done by someone else ...
    the radiator behind the block i'm not a fan. we should follow the cables to understand what drives the relay.
    be a probe is the calculator ...
    if it is the ecu there are other parameters to take into account for the start of the fans ...
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    Any of those above, or if you are on a budget and can do a spot of light fabrication, just measure the area between the chassis rails, and find a suitable rad on ebay. From memory, I think range rover rads are about the biggest that will fit, and I think they are what are used in at least one of the kits supplied by one of the companies mentioned above.

    Then you just need to make some sort of mounting cradle, and a small scoop to direct the air up to it. You might even be able to use your existing fans if the new rad is similar sized.
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  4. I would appreciate it if anyone could post a pic of their set up to give me an idea
  5. Hi guys

    My news rad with two spals and one big scoop run nice...
    Test this morning... (I'm in holiday...lol)
    On road, the spals don't work with big sun and 20' celsius...

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  6. [QUOTE = "alexbloorino, post: 1555045, membre: 22180"] Un radiateur décent qui convient peut-être utilisé sous monté ?? Que diriez-vous de le remplir? Qu'est-ce qui a l'air d'y pénétrer? Est-ce qu'ils vont bien à plat? [/ CITATION]

    so... where is this beginning of the problem or questions?
    the solution has been found ??
    an evolution ???
  7. so... where is this beginning of the problem or questions? the solution has been found ?? an evolution ???
  8. I’m keeping the rad at the back for now as there is more urgent jobs that need doing but I do plan to get an undermounted one at some point

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