What temps you running at??

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  1. Just wondering what temperatures the other Subaru converts out there are running ?
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  3. mine sits at 100 without fans 80/85 with fans
  4. Usually sits between 80 and 90.
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  5. 100 is high for normal running, get it checked for airlocks
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  6. Same here, 85/90 now...

    Having said that my bus used to be an old TSR conversion and the when replacing the rad to put it under the bus, we realized the temp gauge was not properly wired. So the readings were not accurate. From what I remember your bus is one of their conversion too (the rad setup at the rear is kind of their signature), so might be worth checking that too.

    What temperature causes the fan to kick in?
  7. Fan 1 comes on at 96 deg C and off at 93
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  8. Je pense que la meilleure chose pour un bon système de refroidissement est 90 ° max ...
    100-105 est le plus haut réel pour Swap sub ...

    C’est la raison de mon nouveau radiateur, entièrement en alliage (40cmx100cmx5cm).
    radiateur actuel 40cmx70cmx2cm. en été avec 45 ° C à l'ombre, j'ai fait des pointes à 100 °. Je n'aime pas ça

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  9. vous avez un ventilateur supplémentaire?
  10. I turn in the 80/85°c in normal condition 25°/30 ° in the shade, the fans is released regularly.
    with the new assembly rad 100X 40cm and always 2 spal ventilators, I hope they will rotate less often and in case of big heat in summer have a good margin of safety ...
    my current assembly 70x40 was fine with the 4 cylinders,the 6 cylinder develops more heat.
  11. 01A08072-CD4E-40D6-8C9F-A8BE6BC96A68.png ?
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  12. :)
    Δεν καταλαβαίνω τους ψαράδες όταν μιλούν κινέζικα
  13. Sorry...
    My phone translate in french automatycaly with t9...
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  15. What do you think about it!!??
    Alloy 100x40x5
    Old rad 70x40x2.5

    it should get better in hot weather...

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  16. My fan doesn’t kick in anymore, it just stopped. My mechanic couldn’t work it out so I now have both fans on a manual switch which I kick in when it gets up to 90 95. Any ideas how to fix?
  17. it is not very complicated ...
    wiring diagram of the swap engine?
    who did the wiring?
    -temperature sensor
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    Oooo, clever
  19. Where is your rad mounted ??

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