What temps you running at??

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  1. Belly pan rads...
    Under the floor,
    it's a solution to have a clean engine compartment.
    there are of course disadvantages ...
    the fear of touching, the leaves and herbs are sucked ...
    but after 5 years of liquid mounting no particular problem ...
  2. have you scanned for codes? have you checked the fuses and relays?
  3. Did you got it yourself ??
    To be honest electrics are not my forte, I know my engine is pre ecu I have been told. I got a new temp sensor for my mechanic to fit, he said that that the previous one had been removed. He thought this was to stop over heating but now the fans don’t kick in automatically. It’s a bit frustrating as I don’t really understand but would like to sort it myself.
  4. Can any decent radiator that fits be used under mounted ?? How about fill it? What stops getting air in it ? Do they work ok flat ?
  5. Do me a picture of your engine.
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    Any suitably sized and shape rad will work, but the bigger the better really. That said, I run the fairly small original Scooby rad under the floor, and it's fine. It's the scoop that's the important bit.

    You can get adjustable temp sender fan switches of eBay for peanuts to run the fans.. just set the dial to the temp you want the fans to cut in.
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  7. i'll see if i've got one on my phone.
  8. How did you attach yours? How do you fill them with the filler cap being on top? What kind of pipework is best? sorry for the questions, not very clued up on this
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  9. External bottle and a rad without a cap. Do lots of reading on vwkd(old site but lots of info) look at fellows speedshop setup, look on VW Subaru hybrid forum on Facebook.

    But if your setup is working fine I wouldn't change it
  10. yeah it seems to be, will leave it for now and keep an eye on it. But would like to do it at some point, def other things i can spend the money on.
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    As pkrboo says, use an external bottle in the engine bay. If you have a look at http://rjes.com you will find pretty much all the info you need if you do decide to change setup.
  12. 25618 278.JPG
    this is current set up although i have now moved air intake so it pulls air from the left vent
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  13. would fitting a new rad help? this ones pretty old and battered?
  14. probably pre OBD 2 but not pre ECU!! can you do me a picture of where your harness and ecu and fuses box is located please?
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    Your engine really would thank you for an underslung rad. I would imagine that your fans must be working overtime in there trying to keep it cool.
  16. Yeah i agree i really want to do it but could do with a step by step guide with pictures, i'm pretty handy but never done it before.
  17. To be honest i'm not sure where these are although i think under the dash, i will have a look.
  18. Any recommendations on suitable rads ?
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  20. Or under your back seat/bed

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