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  1. Exactly that, they've got that far so might as well keep going, I would. I expect they'd laugh at out ignorance if we suggested they'd be able to hang about here for a bit then go back and rebuild their country. These are ordinary people like us, they just want and easy life, bring up their families without being bombed, starved, gassed etc.
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  2. Just like the song contest , they had made up their minds beforehand to give him nil points.

    I would just like to add that I worked in Oman back in the 80's while the Iraq/Iran war was going on. Oman took in a lot of Iraqi refugees escaping from the Saddam regime. The refugees were men, women and children and the Omani people were very helpful and supported them. But Oman isn't a rich country and the population is only around 1 million. The other Middle East countries are much wealthier and I wonder how many Syrians they are taking in.

    The point raised earlier about the Syrian refugees being mostly males, there was a discussion about this on Radio 2 last week I think it was, where a Syrian man said that the men usually came first and once settled they applied to have their families join them. I think this happens with other refugees or migrants coming here.
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  3. I did a tour of Oman, on behalf of the British Council a while back. The key difference I found between Oman and the other middle Eastern countries I've visited/worked in was that Oman seemed much more progressive..the Sultan is openly gay, for starters
  4. I learned a lot while in Oman and as zed says these people labelled as refugees or assylum seekers are in fact ordinary people like us just wanting a good and peaceful life. I saw how wonderful and compassionate the Omanis are and they got my respect. The Iraqis were fleeing the terror and bombing and persecution from the Saddam regime. The Syrians are doing the same and we can't blame them for getting out of their hell.
  5. In for me. It's not just about payments to Brussels and immigration, it's about net economic benefit and I think that is positive and not negative. There's no proof, the statistics can show whatever you want them to show, but I think that it is the case that we would suffer economically if we came out. The EU needs reform, it's desperately trying to ignore global economic reality by burying its head in the sand, but in the end we are stronger with them and they are stronger with us.
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  6. I like that angle on things. To me though, us in the EU is a bit like a business partnership or a marriage, one partner (UK) wants changes but the other (rest of the EU) doesn't, so the choice is either to stick with it and be miserable or divorce.
  7. :thinking:
  8. ron


    they don,t want us to leave we,re the second highest economy
    and the treaty proposals aren,t just for us , that would spoil things , these proposals are for any country thereby ensuring we don,t rock the boat too much
  9. Sipping ?
  10. Well so far so good, let's hope it stays that way .
  11. PIE


    Im for out
  12. Don't want to get into an argument but not being in the eu isn't going to stop you getting french butter. Most of the nations in the world trade successfully with the eu and Britain despite not being in the eu so why shouldn't it be any different for us? What I object to is paying in more than we get out. Yes, I feel sorry for the poorer members but I also feel sorry for the less well off in our own country. Charity begins at home, so they say.
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  14. In the news this morning, we are going to pay Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey over 1 billion to home the Syrian refugees. That must be a better option.
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  15. Your British neighbours in Spain may have qualified for the winter fuel payment up to 2014/2015 but they will no longer get it if they live in Spain.
  16. British, French, Germans Dutch, Belgians all bombed gassed and starved not so many decades ago. We stuck around and rebuilt our respective countries. What are these young Arab men going to offer us, I've only heard of murders of Christians at sea, organised rapes/ sexual assaults, violence and criminality so far? Not being racist, but these are the news stories.
  17. I think you'll find many of the stories of which you speak, are let's say altered, to suit the viewpoint of the media telling them.
  18. Christians are persecuted and murdered for their beliefs in many countries, as for the rest I think given most papers and even the left wing BBC reported means there is likely to be some truth in them.
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  19. I'm a cynic. Especially when it comes to the media and news..
  20. I just thought today "what will we be voting for "?? how can you do a deal which suits everyone else that dont even live here , then ask us to vote in or out on it :confused: What planet are they on o_O

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