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  1. You, my friend have hit the nail on the head. It makes you feel cold as initially you were blowing heated air round the place and suddenly its gone cold. Turn it up and it gets too hot.
  2. It does till it bloody starts blowing cold air around the place!
  3. that's why you should stick masking tape over the thermostat....same with smoke alarms...pesky things;)
  4. surely there's a way of diverting the purge air...maybe incorporate a diverter valve in that extra space you've created;)
  5. Yeah but it's not real cold though is it bob, just recycling air already in the van :)
  6. Aye but if feels cold on yer tootsies!
  7. Lol I said Bob cos I'm sure that's what he always says, sorry Dicky
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  8. Did you not receive the Whale 'anti purge' socks when you bought the unit? Check the box...they might still be inside under some bubblewrap...

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  9. Had the x1 running on the stat now for about 3 hours in the garage. Noisier on the bench than it was in the bus to be honest. Also found that the compact could be made to fit quite easily into the box i bought for fitting an hs2000 underneath. Had the compact running on the fan but burner wont ignite. Guess i should stick the lot up for sale and get some cash back. Shame the compact isnt running or id fit that in the heater tube and have two ...greedy! but they arent expensive to repair at propex. Even duff ones are pulling good money on ebay as refurbed they are a fantastic heater as you know and nice and small too.
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  10. that said it wouldnt be expensive to have a box made for the x1.
  11. Nice productive day today.

    Fitted a washing machine on the boat. For the last 5 years we've used the laundry on the marina up until a week or so ago. One of the skanks was caught 'washing' her dogs bedding without firstly removing the vomit coating the blankets! This sort of thing happens occasionally but we remained stoic, accepting that an alternative life-stlye is often accompanied with 'alternative' people.
    Vomit Gate (plus the regular occurrence of Rizlas, tobacco & filters in the dryers) has been a catalyst of sorts and we are now the proud owners of a nice 41cm deep compact machine. Happy days.

    Also, the syncro has been slowly loosing coolant so Goran has had a hose clip replaced and was treated to a new power steering reservoir filter.
    A dash bulb, fuel filter and front-diff breather banjo also turned up in the postman's box earlier so there will be much excitement tomorrow as I slowly proceed with these little jobs :cheers:
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  12. is the refurbed diff fitted now? how is the gas?
  13. I blame Mrs. Bs' cooking...:D
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  14. A valid point but i usually fire up the propex and go to the pub for an hour or two ... :thumbsup:
    By the time i get back it`s usually toasty and i realise i didn`t need to put it on anyway ...

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  15. All done! Touch wood the bus is running amazingly well. The LPG conversion has not really changed the perceived power or driving experience but then as you know I don't flog any of the old timers :)
    It starts on petrol & switches to gas within 20 seconds or so. I went for 2 x 30 litre sill tanks which accept 48 litres. LPG at the local ASDA is 49.7 & it's weird filling up for less than 20 quid!

    We're slowly working our way through the bits & bobs that need doing before we embark on the next adventure. A couple of outer front CV joints are on the list as is replacing all the suspension bushes with urethane jobbies. I love it as a daily & we fight for the keys.:D
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  16. Laid on my side in the piddling rain, stripping exhaust and tinware off as prep for removing old engine. Reminded me of why I've got right off of fixing vans.
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  17. living the dream...:thumbsup:
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  18. A dream that makes owning a T5 increasingly appealing...
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  19. Replaced a keyboard connector on my laptop motherboard.
    I discovered that Farnell Electronics will sell electronic and electrical components online with free postage and no minimum order quantity. So I bought £1.60 worth of parts. (two connectors). Was quite stressful working with a microscope and having pads lift off the PCB. But it all went back together OK .

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