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  1. :lol: my new glasses have not arrived yet, i read mine for nine!

    Normal service will resume from next Friday!
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  2. If the ‘79 pop top is close, go and look at it.
    If it’s got belly pans, being a 79 it will have the later ones with holes you can stick a mirror / torch / phone camera up.

    Look at the state of the jacking points, that will give you a vague idea what it might be like underneath the side pans: rusty jacking points would indicate more rust further back; decent jacking points, fair enough to think the belly pans may have protected the underneath rather than just trapped water. The belly pans don’t hide the entire underside, so look at what you can see: is it restored, is it original, is it rotted, is it looking pretty damn good? Thump the belly pans good and hard: can you hear lots of detritus / rust bouncing around?
    How many owners? Loads adding repairs and stories? Few so easier to trace what’s been done or not been done?
    Go and look!!!!

    My van’s got full pans underneath without the later holes, but what I could see looked very good and very original. I bought it. I’ve no reason to believe there is anything much nasty going on underneath them, and when I do I’ll get them cut off and deal with it. Until then, we drive and we camp.

    Stop prevaricating and go and look :)
  3. You could of course take all the worry out of the condition by deliberately purchasing a complete rot box, patching it up with coke cans and filler and pretend to be hippies. Drive slow and you should be ok.
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  4. Have you considered a Woodentop?
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  5. Proper hippy patina, you can't fake neglect. ;)
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  7. Why did I click on that :rolleyes:
    Now Will get the EBay emails
    Is this camper still of interest? every day
    until someone with vision or delusion buys it :D
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  8. davidoft

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  9. Thanks ... and "oi!" ....
    No prevarication.
    Planning a day to go see with the owner, so started a thread to see what the clever things to do are when looking at a bus with pans .....
    Have to finish this rendering work first, so most likely a week Thursday!
    (It's an hour and a half away, which is RELATIVELY close :) )
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  10. Silly giggling twins?!
    No thanks
  11. And the Biggest Spotty Dog you ever did see!
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  12. We never DID get to see EVERYTHING they got up to I always felt ... We just saw the same stuff that was ok to tell Pater when he got home ......

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