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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dub and Dubber, Jul 24, 2020.

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    N’owt stranger than folk!
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  2. That's exactly where this other tin top comes into it.
    If I can't get my hands on a half decent pop top the far away tinny is a LHD, excellent condition, with great interior (smart, and not crammed) ... in other words we can be on the road and no more solo driving :thumbsup:
    This thread was supposed to be about how to check the state of the 79 pop top with its pans on :rolleyes:
  3. You’ve lost me now :(

    Haven’t you got a very nice LHD tin top which doesn’t suit your needs?

    Going to look at another LHD tin top in excellent condition.

    I’m confused :eek:
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  4. It was a long time ago, perhaps 15 years, but there was once a RHD tin top for sale with 9,000 genuine miles. It looked like new, it was up for £7k and sat there for a year while rot box campers changed hands for more. I nearly bought it myself but probably like most people I didn't want a microbus and didn't want to ruin it's perfect originality by turning it into a camper.

    Thusly, I think the market for such vans is tiny. Sod it - fit a poptop on it. :D
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    Tin tops are fab!!! Apart from when it’s raining and you’re trying to get dressed :)
  6. I agree entirely!

    We’ve had some great adventures in ours :D
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  7. At least with a poptop fitted it will get used :thumbsup:
  8. One night ok, two nights maybe, three nights glad to get home. :)
  9. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    That’s what I don’t get!
    If you’ve got a tidy tintop that you know and like, why not just fit a pop top to it? It’s not like it’s the last bus standing; there are millions of them out there!
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  10. I think the other issue is LHD, although I might be confused that one of the others was also a LHD, confused.
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  11. I think in @Dub and Dubber 's case his problem is he bought a left hand drive and his mademoiselle won't drive it.
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I thought the potential other tintop was LHD?
    I give up. Good luck in your search, but can I suggest deciding what you actually want before committing?
  13. We did try that approach about two weeks ago :rolleyes: @Dub and Dubber ;)
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I gave up on that thread too!
    See ya
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  15. I leave for an hour to render this wall and what do I come back to?! ...
    That was supposed to read RHD not LHD :oops:
  16. We survive nine days when we do our Yorkshire road trips, but we are indeed glad of a comfy bed at the end of it!
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  17. But that's with a poptop?
    I lived in mine for months with a poptop.
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  18. Tintop mate!

    The westy has yet to do anything other than a long weekend, ie, three nights.

    Nine months is outstanding :) I knew you lived in it for a while but wow, hats off to you! :hattip:
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  19. I know!
    This thread was supposed to glean some tips on looking at buses with belly pans on ...... because I'd found a RHD pop top that's near enough to go see for a change.
    The 75 tinny is, (as you will know about from our messaging) a good "swap" for ours, being in good shape, being RIGHT hand drive, and with a nice interior that includes just the right amount of "camping kit" to suit us.
    In other words there are two buses that would be fine, but I have to find out what the 79 pop top is like underneath, in the hope that it's not a horror story, in which case that's the one I'll go see.
    If it's not that hot, and ours sells fairly soon, the tinny would be worth seeing ............
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  20. Where on earth did you get 9 months from? More like 3. That was plenty.

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