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  1. If the big central belly pan is bolted you could ask the buyer to unbolt it , if you get a mirror and a torch you can see quite a bit of what's going off above the welded side pans .
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  2. :thumbsup:
  3. The bolts might shear off, mind ;). Been on a while...
  4. Nope. It has the usual holes in the centre pan but not on the side pans. It's a tin top? Tin tops AFAIK didn't need or get side pans. Going by that that and the 79 date the pans are a later addition. :)

    I wonder why you are looking at a tin top when you already have one?
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  5. "Keep up at the back!" :)
    It's a Devon poptop :thumbsup:
    (and it's RHD ... which is the priority)
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  6. ^ so it’s not another tin top then :D
  7. :rolleyes:
    mind you, the one that's 500 miles away IS .....
  8. Wasn’t the idea to get a poptop, not a tin top bus?
  9. That's the one. :thumbsup:
    I thought that was the 79 with side pans.
  10. Yes, hence this 79, but we have that awning you were kind enough to pick up for us, and there's a potentially "sweet" tin top that is ticking an awful lot of boxes ..... sooooo, it's kind of a case of the 79 if it holds up on inspection, and the 75 if not ... assuming it's still available ............ and ours sells in the first place :rolleyes:
  11. That awning combined with a poptop bus will give you a whole new set up, room inside the bus to stand up, get dressed etc. The awning for cooking, the outdoors for catching up on some r n r.

    You’ve said yourself a tin top doesn’t suit you, don’t go down that path, you’ll regret it!

    Have you thought about nipping down to G’Day Kombis in Oxford, they may have a bs that ticks all the boxes, p/x on the green one, I think they would snap your hand off as it’s in superb condition.

    Worth considering.
  12. Hadn't thought of them ... Always thought they were up there on the pricing, but ........
  13. They have varied prices based on each bus, if you do go, you might be surprised or, on the other hand, you can always walk away.

    Either way, they ought to be obliging and let you view stock, that will help you too!
  14. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    2 weeks ago: We definitely don’t want a tintop, they don’t suit us.
    Today: We’ve found a sweet tintop.

    Don’t be daft. An awning won’t make it any more bearable.
  15. Good thinking.
    Their website seems to have £35k to £55k buses, or projects
  16. Ah, yes, you weren't in on the conversation we had here .... That's almost word for word what I said, so, speaking PURELY for myself for a change :)rolleyes:) tin tops not an option ... thing is, this all started as a present for Madam, so ......... :hattip:
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  17. Thanks all ....
    Gotta go render some more wall now!
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I thought you already had a tintop?
    This thread is like pulling teeth!
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  19. .... you mean like having your teeth pulled :D
  20. Their's is too good to use so they're looking for a crappy one, but not too crappy. As they're changing buses all options are on the table. Think that's it.

    My take is that pop top campers cost more so all things being equal you'll be swapping a good bus that you know for a worse unknown one.
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