Walton Bridge Breakfast Club

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  1. the gt40 was very nice!
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  2. Think I only spotted it with an underneath the noisy cupboard shot...
  3. flikr changed the order!
  4. 5th December. Next one.
    See y’all there.
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  5. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Prefect

    Y’never know, I might….
    Anywhere to camp over the night before?
  6. Everything is closed for winter. :(
  7. Could try Chertsey campsite on the river as it’s only 5min away

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  8. Just checked the website - they’ve change the date!!
    It’s now next weekend :rolleyes:

    I was about to get up and go out. Won’t bother now!
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  9. Great! Thanks
    See you there ! Just so you know I prefer brown sauce on my bacon roll

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