Walton Bridge Breakfast Club

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  1. CAC23DFE-5472-4BFA-A21C-09835F9484E5.jpeg We were very lucky to also have a ‘float past’ of some of the Dunkirk evac boats.
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  4. It’s on as I type.

    I’m in bed tho! :)
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  5. Type 1 what ,type one that sleeps ?
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  6. I thought he was about to ask, how many sleeps until Techenders

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  8. I hate to break it to you; it’s December 1st on Sunday.
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  9. He sleeps as long as Pharaoh
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  10. How very rude!!
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  11. Am ownly avvin a larf ..en aye .....jokin aside if i was nearer i would be there Colin .
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  12. Bugger .
    No can do i`m afraid :(

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  13. Boooooo
  14. Mad at work at mo. Having to bring stuff home to do. It’s the crazy season but will try.
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  15. Oooh, agreed, some very nice metal there :)
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  16. And you didn’t even call in to say hello

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  17. a few tidy Escorts & Capri's..Lotus Cortina looked superb. Great pics Col!
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  18. Cheers Mark! :thumbsup:
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