Walton Bridge Breakfast Club

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  1. Can’t remember if I’ve posted about previous meetings. They always get a good turnout and look fantastic. There is only one problem as those who know me will know. I am thinking about attending this one though. Anyone else local? @Lasty @paul2590

  2. Never heard of it but might be worth a look :thumbsup:

    As an aside ...
    Don`t you think a `breakfast club` appearance might be a tad optimistic given your
    adoration of the duvet ... ?

  3. I did say there was only one problem!!!!!

    Don’t think I can camp overnight.
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  4. And you lot take the yellow snow out of me for napping...damn bloody cheek I say :D

    Colin should be the Master of Morknapping :thumbsup:
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  5. I've been once , worth going too. For some reason I keep missing it. No excuse a sits only walking distance from.
    I'll probably go as the cafe does a excellent fry up.


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  6. Bloomin kids!!

    Just been told the son is playing table tennis for Southampton that day!!!
  7. Seems like a reasonable exchange:)
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  8. I am so glad I am in Southampton watching kids play table tennis instead of putting some bacon in the pan surrounded by classic cars! :rolleyes:
  9. It’s back on this Sunday.

    @Lasty @paul2590

    What are the chances of me getting a 14 year old boy and me into an old van at 08.00 this Sunday?

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  10. Do they do breakfast in bed col o_O
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  11. No. But I’ll try to get the slave to do it!
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  12. Sub Bob ... :rolleyes:

    Would have made up the numbers but i`m away this weekend ...
    Going to have to get to one of these :thumbsup:

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  13. We firstly he needs to look up the word Breakfast

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  14. I’m not stoopid!! It’s the first meal of the day - you know - around 16.00 :)
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  15. Any one going?

    I’ll arrrive by Shanks's, bicycle or small boat (bus currently has no MOT), wearing a small daffodil type flower for ID :food: :lol:.
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  16. I am awaiting info on the illness rating of my son! (Boy flu).

    I may be child free.

    None of the above means I will get my arse out of bed!!!! :)
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  17. Just deflate the Ann summers companion

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  18. Get up you lazy buggers. I’m here!!!!!!
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  19. Looks like someones pooped the bed this morning!:D
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  20. See anything odd?


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