Walton Bridge Breakfast Club

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by CollyP, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Large bog roll reflection in rear window
  2. curtains drawn
  3. That is my son’s upside down head!
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  4. No to the left of his head :D
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  5. Took loads of photos. Will put st when back home.
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  8. Oh dear ! Did I miss it again
    No excuse really it’s literally a 5 min walk

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  9. It was jeffin freezin!!

    Nice day though :)
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  10. Nice photos not a cloud in sight .... perfect blue bird day

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  11. What, as in “perfect day to go for a spin in my beloved Datsun Blue Bird”? I’d never have thought it of you, Paul
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  12. Nice

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  13. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    That splitty must be worth a few quid.
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  14. And the green Lambo ;)
  15. Morning!

    At this time of day I normally think about classic motors and fried breakfasts. Which leads onto classic car shows! Is the wbbc on certain/set Sundays each month. Do u have any dates for them? I'm not on Facebook so it's difficult to check.

    All the best
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  16. @CollyP - get up and answer the fella !!

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  17. No chance of that!!!!!
    Expect a reply this evening

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  18. Not to worry, I’ll still be thinking of fried breakfasts and classic cars.
  19. Cheeky buggers!!!
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  20. It use me to be first Sunday of every month but they have cut it back to every three months. Don’t know why.

    Will post on here when I find out the dates and tag you in.

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