(Waiting for) My new bus!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DriftingBear, Sep 14, 2012.

  2. Percy :thumbsup:
  3. Fab looking bus mate ,AND, you have (Ithink?) jumped the gun ! most bay owners usually wait awhile before travelling on a recovery vehicle with bus loaded, and look at you !!! right in there at the start !well thats one right of passage out the way! well done you!>best wishes.
  4. Thanks Steve, although that was a photo of the bus arriving!! I haven't actually driven it yet as its in the garage being fixed up! I'm sure I'll be on the breakdown truck before long...
  5. A nice welcome to the world of the late bay today - a £1000 garage bill!! I was expecting maybe £600 or so, but nevermind...

    Apparently everything in the engine that's rubber had perished, so all needs replacing, as well as service, mot, getting everything up to uk spec and a few other bits I can't remember off hand.

    It will all be sorted by the new year, then I can finally get in it and drive!
  6. Congratulations and well done for having the patience of a saint! ^-^

    Gorgeous bus and definitely has to be a Percy as Lord Percy Percy from Blackadder invented pure green :))

    Green Gold - Blackadder - BBC
  7. OMG!!! Is it not here yet???
  11. are they doing the fuel lines then

    Yep, and a list of other stuff going to a page and a half of A4...
  12. Well it's passed the MOT! Went to the garage and sat in it today with the girlfriend and the dog. Started the engine, turned the lights on, turned the radio on, pushed buttons, looked around, wiped some condensation off the ceiling and that's about it. Was going to take it for a drive but it was dark so didn't fancy dark country lanes on my first drive! Left it at the garage for a few more repairs before I collect it after crimbo.
  13. Congrats on the pass dude you will be living the dream soon enough
  14. Well done iam also a teeny weeny bit jealous
  15. well done.....worth the wait? Of course it is ;)
  16. Congrats on the pass. You have a working radio ?
  17. Cheers Dudes.. definitely worth the wait! Can't wait for it to be home!
  18. Well done on the mot front - nice little Xmas bonus!!
  19. Just collected it!! It's finally arrived!! Will have to start a new thread now. Woooooopeeeeeeeee!
  20. Just collected it!! It's finally arrived!! Will have to start a new thread now. Woooooopeeeeeeeee!

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