(Waiting for) My new bus!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DriftingBear, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. glad you re happy with it ;)
    has mirranda not sent the paperwork down with the bus if not get on to her to post it out to you asap
    we registered our on the monday after noon and had the tax disk and a certificate to get the reg plate made on the friday
  2. looks really nice mate - suggestion from me: when you have sufficient funds, make sure you get underneath dinitrol protected and also into all of the chassis rails and cavities. It'll give added protection in the long run - we have done this on Major & I'm glad I did!
  3. Nice one, the van looks mint. I hope mine don't take 13 weeks :)
  4. bernjb56

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    Looking good - have you checked for seaweed?
  5. Awww yeeahhhhhhhh FINALLY she's here.... and looking lovely!!

    Well done for being so patient :) glad you're so happy x
  6. Looks good, K+ for waiting so long!
  7. Great news! Very happy for you :)
  8. As one of them that (months ago!) that steered you towards this bus and it's seller, I'm bloody relieved it's all working out so well - looks like a beauty. ;D

    Whoop whoop!!!
  14. Well congrats.
  15. Looking good 8) Hope you can get the paperwork sorted and get on the road ASAP
  16. looks tidy.. green is the way to go..
  17. Cheers everyone! just Christmas to get through now before I'm on the road! :)

    The guy who transported it from Derbyshire for me was great - Jamie from Ox Vehicle Transportation http://www.oxvehicletransportation.co.uk £275 Derbyshire to Devon. Great job.
  18. very nice bus dude i bet your pleased as punch
  19. Very pleased. I think he might be a Percy! :)
  20. Nice van DB :thumbsup:

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