VWNW@Tatton Park. 5th August

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  1. Cheers
  2. Not sure what the symptoms of a duff condenser are. Only a few months old so are the points.:confused:
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  3. I think I have a condenser and maybe points will try and dig them out before I leave.
  4. I've found a friend. :D
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  5. Flakey

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    Let’s have some pics, I’m only slightly yellow snowed off that I can’t make it this year
  6. Was lovely to meet people today unfortunately I think I should have used sun cream because am now like a match

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  7. It was a great day mate , I know what you mean about the sun today [​IMG]

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  8. Ouch - my face is a similar colour - as @mousey says - like a match
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  10. Brought this back across but forgot to hand it over. :oops:
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  11. Got back home at 8 after dropping in to see a chap with a scooby engine in his bay.
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  12. Now sat outside in the garden (cool now ) downing a few ciders first couple didn’t touch the sides

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  13. Didn't you borrow that from Keith from Ulverston
  14. Had a great time meeting you all, and a very well attended meeting, hope you all got home ok. Martin don't worry about the charging adaptor i've got a couple at home!
  15. Cheers. I've got a few from poundland but non were in the camper as they are in my caravelle and the *whispers quietly* peugeot motorhome.

    Not so much points as pointless. :rolleyes:
    2018-08-06 10.23.49.jpg
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  16. Thanks for organising again Martin. A great day and good to meet late Bayers in the flesh.

    Oh and I did get conned into the Jack Russell pup by the end of the Day. Appears no means yes when I say it.
  17. Annes asking what you have callec it and does Poppy love it?
  18. You will love it - especially when you are out walking it in the dark, rain, snow etc!!
  19. [​IMG]
    Called him Carter. Poppy’s choice

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