VWNW@Tatton Park. 5th August

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  1. i just want to know what they was running in that thing wheel spins screeching tyres and keeping up till 88mph. Must have put one of the Porsche engines in it that I keep getting told about.
  2. A 1600 bay will do 76 before the limiter kicks in so 90 is easy in a 2L. ;)
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  3. Bringing these Brad's cancer foundation raffle tickets with me if anyone wants any. £2 each.
    2018-07-02 16.15.12.jpg
  4. Morning Martin , put me down for a tenner’s worth

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  5. £2 - bargain price even if it is a T25
  6. Will do. I've got about 60 tickets left i think.

    Better odds than the lottery too. ;)
  7. Got another reminder off VWNW today that anyone using a BBQ or open fire will be kicked off site.

    If anyone has a use for these VWMotoring mags they're free to a good home (or any home). :p 35653811_10156072894555100_7594527581295083520_n.jpg
  8. Now if fires weren't banned on Sunday they would have made a good blaze!
  9. Entry price is £9 at the Trade gate (off Mereheath Lane). Try and have the correct change as it'll make it easier and hopefully quicker to get in.
    Weather looks proper hot too. :)
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  10. What time is best to arrive for?
  11. I’m going to aim for 8.00 ish ! It’ll be the earliest I’ve ever got there

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  12. Have a lovely time You lot:D
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  13. 8.00 FFS ... I'm aiming for just before 9
  14. Am 40 minutes away might leave about 7:30 then get there for just after 8
  15. I’m aiming for about 08:00 earliest I’ve ever been there too. The others may have something to say about being woken so early so don’t expect me before 09:00.
  16. bernjb56

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    Have a good show. I’ve been sweltering down south all day at a family wedding. I wish I was there.
  17. Martin aka @Zebedee has conked out on the M6 this afternoon -only just seen his post and he is not far from me - hope he is on the big yellow taxi by now .
  18. Not just one but 2.
    Big yellow taxi out of roadworks only to be dropped back at j27.

    Followed by another from there to tatton park.
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  19. If anyone has a spare set of points and a condenser I'd be grateful if I could try them.
    Not saying that's the problem but it'll rule them out.
  20. I’ll throw a box of spares in you can try in the morning.
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