VWNW@Tatton Park. 5th August

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Zebedee, Mar 25, 2018.

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    We've been offered a club plot again this year.
    Anyone fancy it?
    You don't pay the tatton park parking fee so save money, and as you're parked in the showfield instead of the car park you have less distance to walk with the parts you buy. ;)
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  2. Flakey

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    As ever
  3. Would love to come.....missed it last year cos it clashed with a family holiday!
  4. Should I just get the full 10 passes?
    My bay will hopefully be sold by then so fingers crossed I'll be in my bug.
  5. Might as well, last time I was there we were a little cramped to say the least!
  6. 9-10 places booked.
  7. I'm up for it Zeb.
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  8. ill be there but on the so manc stand. Hopefully we will be next door again :beer:
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  9. I'm up for it again Martin - save me a ticket - noticed the club stand allocation is now closed on their website - did you manage to get some?
  10. Flakey

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    I've just realised it's my daughter's 21st that day so may not make it this year !!
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  11. Just booked a campsite for Sunday evening......looking forward to it !
  12. I’m up for it again Martin
  13. I'm up for it
  14. Do you still have any room left, if so would love a place.
  15. Yep, theres a couple of spaces left. My camper will be in the for sale area if its not sold by then anyway.
    Its usually mid july when they send the tickets to me.
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  16. Looking forward to it......not been to a proper VW show yet this year.
  17. I never end up going to any VW shows apart fom Tatton as most are bloody miles away. :(
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  18. Tidy looking forward to it.
  19. Y
    Yep - me too and you are even farther north

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