VW Stripes as fitted to buses.

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  2. Birdy

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    Rather nice green westfalia with many stripes.

  3. can I just point out...

  4. Another cool striped bus:
  6. Its a champagne 2 isn't it?
  7. Yup, mine doesn't look quite as siney as that but the stripes are still there...
  8. So, is the conclusion that stripes cannot be bought as stickers and that the only way of achieving it is thro spraying ?


  9. Birdy painted his on, Baggy had stickers (I think) but a good airbrusher would be able to spray them on
  10. hailfrank

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  11. Iv been thinking of doing some sign writing to keep some cash coming in until the magazine is published. I could do stripes in vinyl or paint with no problem. :)
  14. My 77 Westfalia with OG paint and stripes:
    The dark brown has been replaced by previous owner, but has been there all the time since new.
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  15. hallo gutten :) velkommen
  17. I've got tiny stripes !!

  18. foe


    An old pic this! This is my dad's bay in about 1980-81 before he bought a sticker kit

    And after he added it! He did explain it was the fashion but he did balls them up sticking them on as they were slightly wonky


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