VW Stripes as fitted to buses.

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  1. Any ideas where I could get these funky stripes from?
  3. Will do.

    I remember choosing some for a Ford Capri in the mid 80's. The local motor factors had an enormous choice. How times change! All they seem to sell now are fat boy exhausts and carbon fibre tat!!
  4. Here is a rough idea for stripes to match a magnolia bus with olive plaid interior.
    If you are considering striping your bus and would like to see one of these stripe variations in a different color, just ask. Happy to mock one up for you as well.

    (I don't think I could change the color of an entire bus though, just the stripes.)

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    Ha did'nt think you'd know what w^nk meant
  7. I am loving all the stripes :-*

    Some day - in our dream van line-up - we will have one with stripes (Arthur would just look goofy with stripes unfortunately)
  8. My one, all painted on, no stickers here!

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  9. Very cool. Not sure about the bit behind the airvent, through the rest looks great. 8)
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  12. [​IMG]
    A different kind of striping :)
  13. Now
  14. Scoob's bus is doing it for me, I love the look of his westy

  15. Heres another

  16. My one, now with Wolfrace wheels and a pop top... (this is mainly for Birdy ;))

  17. love the landmark busses, saw one in the flesh in the car park at Action. Hugely cool :)

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