VW Stripes as fitted to buses.

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  2. Probably my favourite so far. Not sure about the sunroof though.
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  3. Fyttikatta ;D ;D ;D not in my wildest dreams would i knew a bay could be that sexy !!
  4. The last piccy i saw of the American Airlines one had it running on stock wheels and beauty rings. I loved the slotmags. :(
  5. Like my m8 said,,,,,,Allright :)
  6. OK- I'm sorry, it's an early.

    It's looking a lot better than that now, but since the sills and rear arch had to be replaced, there have been no more stripes :( I assume they were a pretty standard accessory, and not a devon/VW thing? mine was stickers.
  7. Did I see a Wild Westerner in the mix?

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  10. Brazilian bay but nice stripes.


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  12. Once the body and paint work is done we will be stripping up , wondering whether to vinyl it or spray .....we will have to wait and see , long way to go yet but hope to be painting him next spring...........
  13. If you use vinyl you can always change your mind at a later date.
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  15. really love the black matt one with the white stripes :)
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  17. this one is AMAZING!!!
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  18. agreed there , that is a darn nice bus, i don't even mid the sun roof !
  19. Well its got some stripes on it anyway.;)
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