FOR SALE VW CAMPERVAN: Rare 1972 cross over

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by boggie, May 15, 2017.

  1. Yes. I was digging around to find the original pre-body restoration pictures sent by the PO. They show indicators low down on each side of the front panel and the same step bumpers that are currently fitted. The rear lights are not shown but the ones I currentky have look original and are the large type. The PO said it was a cross over. Is there any other way to be sure? I don't want to mislead anyone.
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  2. It is a cross over then by the sounds of it. There is probably a cross over thread on here that lists all the differences.

    Perhaps just add build month and year to the adverts as well as when it was registered
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  3. Thanks Paul, how do I get an accurate build date? Is there a heritage register?
  4. I think you can get the build date from the m plate. Look for a silver plate behind the bulkhead, probably drivers side

    Then enter the code into an m plate de coder

    I think you can also get it from Volkswagen from the chasis number
  5. SOLD! Colin is off to live on an Island overseas...
    Thanks for all your advice and help chaps...
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  6. PIE


    I bought my first bay in the 80s for £1800, used it, just maintained it and sold it for £8000, bought my current van for £6000 and spent £2000 on it, I would imagine it was worth more now.
  7. I think the days when you could get a classic cheap and sell it for a profit are long gone. We seem to be in a time when money is tight and any good feel factor has passed and we are now heading towards uncertainty, so people are tightening belts.

    Its now a buyers market and prices are lower.
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  8. Mine is an heirloom and hopefully will be kept in the family.
  9. Not sure I agree with all this depressed market stuff. Sure it is not as buoyant as the boom and bust years but that was fake and driven by speculatirs. The market is more realistic now and continuing to rise and considerably higher than the interest your money will get in the bank. We owned ours for 5 years and even including all the money we spent over the purchase price we still made 30% profit. Best we could have hoped for in the bank would have been about 10% compounded and that would have been tied up for a long time too. And you can't take the kids for camping holidays in a bank (although I don't have to fix a bank every bl00dy weekend....)
  10. Oh and no tax on profit either. What other investments are the you can enjoy on the weekend and no capital gains.... I have 3 classics left but now have some space in the workshop so am looking for another 'investment' project to fill the void before my wife decides we should emoty the lockup into it and save ourselves £35 per month....

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