FOR SALE VW CAMPERVAN: Rare 1972 cross over

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  1. Volkswagen Type 2 Devon Campervan £18,950

    45,000 VOSA Verified Miles.
    1.7 Litre
    12 Months MOT
    Road Tax is Free! (Historic Class Vehicle)
    Recent Major Service
    LOTS of History / Receipts etc

    After nearly five years of ownership our family has now grown too large so here for sale is Colin, our trusty campervan. Colin is a 1972 ‘Cross over’ model, meaning he is a Bay Window with the step bumpers and other features of the prototype. The cross over 1700 is relatively rare, made for less than two years and benefits from power-assisted disc brakes and the more powerful 1700 T4 engine whilst retaining some of the early camper charm.

    Colin had a full bodywork and chassis rebuild in 2012 by the previous owner, including some minor custom work such as the smoothed out front and Porsche 944 wheels. Since then we have had the following work carried out:

    • New Wiring and Starter motor.
    • Reconditioned Heat Exchangers.
    • New Heater Pipes and Cables
    • New Drive Shafts.
    • Devon Interior Refurbished.
    • Leather Front Seats.
    • New Blue Seatbelts, Front and Rear.
    • Blackout Blinds on All Windows.
    • Camper-Print Seat Covers and Curtains.
    • Touch-Sensitive LED Lighting and Down Lighters.
    • Full Electric Hook-up with Fuse Box
    • Internal Mains Plug Sockets with RCD protection.
    • New 2-Way Fridge (Gas or Electric).
    • Cooker and Grill.
    • Sink with Electric Tap, New Pump and External Drain.
    • New Wooden Steering Wheel.
    • Modern Twin Weber Carbs providing Significant Economy and Power Increases.
    • All New Ignition System.
    • Sports Exhaust for Improved Performance but Not Loud.
    • New Front Lights.
    • New Engine Thermostat and Cable.
    • New Uprated Battery.
    • New CD/Radio with Input for phone/iPod etc.
    • Full New Engine Seals (NO Oil Leaks!).

    On top of all of this Colin comes with everything you see in the pictures:

    • Porch Awning.
    • Tailored Windscreen Blackout Cover.
    • Table and Chairs (For Inside or Outside).
    • Just Kampers Crockery Set (Big/Small Plates, Bowls and Mugs).
    • Four Full Sets of Matching Cutlery.
    • Traditional Whistling Kettle.
    • New Grill Pan.
    • Washing Up Bowl.
    • Water Container.
    • Full Bottle of Camping Gas.
    • Fire Extinguisher.
    • Haynes Manual.

    Colin have just benefitted from a full major service and now has a brand-new MOT with no advisories so he is ready for a summer of fun for his next owners! We have now bought a larger camper so Colin spends most of his time in dry storage but he still gets an occasional outing (the pictures are from this weekend’s camping trip).

    With prices rising all the time we are not in a hurry to sell Colin so please do not make any low offers. It will be hard enough to see Colin go anyway so if we do not get the price we are asking or find a good home for him then we will keep him for a while longer and let values increase. Predictions are that the prices for these lovely old Campers will be £25,000+ by this time next year and some are already being advertised over £20K.

    If on the other hand you are the type of enthusiastic tinkerers to love, maintain and improve a 45 year old camper, perhaps a couple or family looking to live the dream then Colin might well be the chap to take you there. These campers are more than recreational vehicles; they are an investment. Like us, you will be able to enjoy camping in him for a few years and then sell him to his next family and get more than your money back…

    Pictures can be seen here:


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  2. What parts of a splitty are on a cross over?
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  3. EG Step bumpers.
  4. I can't think of anyone who has ever ended up getting more than their money back after owning one of these. But I admire you optimism.
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  5. How much is it then ???

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  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    No offence mate but you do know you're advertising to people who actually know a bit about these things don't you?
    Can you please provide a link to anywhere that predicts these things will be worth £25k by next year?
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  7. How do
    I guess if you include the 5 year's worth of work I have put into it then I guess you are right... :)

    How do I change the title of this thread please? Damn auto-correct decided I didn't mean crossdresser and changed it to cross dresser. I didn't spot it until too late and have tried the 'edit title' function but it has not worked.
  8. Lol. It's the forums idea of a bit of fun.

    Try a few swear words and see what you get.
  9. Sure; The crossdresser with 1700 T4 was only made for 2 years and I have only ever seen a few for sale over the last couple of years. However, I am happy to accept that you may have far better knowledge than I do.
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  10. Had a look on pistonheads and it looks a lovely bus.
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  11. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I agree it looks lovely and it's not rediculously priced.
    People using "rare" in adverts for something that really isn't, and making other dubious claims, really gets my goat though!
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  12. Looks very well kept ! The price is on the link too.

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  13. That's a nice van you have there and I wish you well with the sale.
    One question, The front seats, are they from a Ford Ka?...
  14. Thanks!
    So have I got the rare bit wrong? Happy to remove it if I have as I do not want to mislead people by passing on inaccurate information. However, the PO (who had clearly done his homework) initially told me it was rare and when I looked it up the 1.7 cross over was made for less than 2 years and mainly sold in the US so not many RHD versions were made and so I assume there are not many survivors in the UK. I have only seen three or four for sale since I bought the bus 5 years ago too.
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  15. You sure its a devon as the interior is a holdsworth. (Same roof). Looks a very tidy bus to me! Im also a fan of the 1700 motor myself. As for cross-overs being rare then not so much but nonetheless are less drop the split screen reference As theres little if anything on there that they have in common. Im a fan of the type 4 engined crossovers as best of aLl worlds in my view and a great conversion to boot!

    Flog it sharpish before that engine starts to leak lol. Good luck with your sale.
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  16. Yes! Well spotted. They were from a KA Sport (contradiction in terms) that had the full black leather with blue stitching option and were all in excellent condition. I bought the full interior after the young owner rolled the KA, fitted the front seats to the camper and sold the rear seats, door cards and rest of the interior on eBay for more than I paid... :)
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  17. It was full of leaks when I got it so engine out and a complete set of every gasket, seal etc. Has been dry ever since. However, I know what you mean; almost all of the VW Campers / Transporters I looked at over the years mark their territories with a few spots of the black stuff.
  18. Seriously smart bus and very impressive photos. Good luck.
  19. The roof originally came with the van and the interior separately was listed as a Devon. So do I have a Devon roof but a Holdsworth (I thought they only made bikes) interior?
    Is it rare?? :)
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  20. Is mine rare? It's a 1971 prototype fitted with a T4 2.0 ltre engine
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