FOR SALE VW CAMPERVAN: Rare 1972 cross over

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by boggie, May 15, 2017.

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    I don't know about that particular combination but being a cross0ver doesn't make it rare.
    There are certainly no splitty parts on it.

    I'm still genuinely interested in where is claiming they'll be worth £25k next year?
  2. Lol! I have no idea if its rare but rarety only really matters if its original really. One of a kind buses arent rare, they are unique. Unfortunately that doent cut any ice if you want it all originel i guess.
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    Nice van and good effort on the photos :). I think you should flog the photos to a lifestyle magazine as they look like ones that would accompany an article on campervans. Good luck with the sale. :thumbsup:
  4. Thanks!
    I hope I have the price right. There are some out there that look on similar level to ours, some not as good, but priced over 20K! I am not greedy (or delusional) so I pitched it at what appears to be a reasonable price. We will genuinely will be sad to see Colin go (we have had a lot of fun with him) and I don't really need to sell (but I do have another potential restoration project on the horizon so workshop space would be handy). However if the right buyer comes along, someone who is going to look after and enjoy him as much as we have, rather than someone looking to make a quick profit (EG the tester trying to buy Colin on Saturday after the MOT) then we would be pleased top move him on.
  5. LOL. When my girls found out I was thinking of selling Colin they pleaded for 'one last trip' so I took the opportunity to take the lifestyle photos. We were really lucky with the weather too; once I had him all set up and was sitting in the van with a cool pint of IPA watching the sun set over the Chiltern Hills I nearly changed my mind on selling him at all. Perhaps I should sell the kids instead and the wife, dog and I can take time out touring Europe....
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  6. @boggie Good luck with the sale
    A cross over is a cross between an prototype (step bumpers) and late bay (It has nothing to do with a split screen camper

    This is the bit that needs changing

    Colin is a 1972 ‘Cross over’ model, meaning he is a Bay Window with the step bumpers and other features of the prototype

    Colin is a 1972 ‘Cross over’ model, meaning he is a Bay Window type with the step bumpers and other features of the earlier split screen but for about half the price.
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  7. Better, except it's a 73 with 72 bumpers, refer to @Ploptop2 73 thread for the giveaway differences

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  8. Thanks Paul, much appreciated. Listing corrected and rarity factor moderated...
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  9. I dont think that is original ... the 2.0 litre engine that is. What's it say on your and Boogie Buses M-plates
  10. I'll go and have a look
  11. it says it should have a Fiat 500 engine
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  12. Now that would be rare ... sounds like yours is just non-original ... not that there is anything wrong with a non-original motor
  13. It's got slit screen rear lenses
  14. what has? Colin doesn't show his rear in any of the photos
  15. What are the first 3 numbers of the chassis number
    That'll sort this out :)
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  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I'm still genuinely interested in where is claiming they'll be worth £25k next year?
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    Have you got one stashed away somewhere?! :)
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    (But its broke)
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  19. and non original
  20. Nice bus and photos, Glad someone ' @paulcalf' explained about the 'Cross Dresser' difference I was about to ask. Thanks:hattip:

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