Volksworld 2020

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  1. Correct missing show all together we said last year !! Ninove will n the new jolly boys outing now this sorts it self out and can get there anyway u like I know there’s a few of us going over for weekend

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  2. Thinking of going to this this year but only as a day visitor.

    Can anyone who's been both days help me understand the difference between the Saturday and Sunday. Here's what I want to do:

    - See some lovely air-cooled vans (naturally)
    - Rummage through piles of parts and hopefully find a few things I'm looking for
    - Buy some bits from VWH at 'show prices' (hopefully!)
    - Get some advice on carb set ups/see some dual carbs in an engine bay and take some measurements

    Cheers all!!
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  3. Saturday is main show day. Lots of folks pack up earlier on Sunday and go home. It might be easier to speak to vwh, for instance, on the sunday, but jumble sale stuff might have sold already.

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  4. I will be going up in the bus on Saturday with my wife for the day.

    I miss the Friday night festivities, but I think the show is dying.

    Mind you the whole mass gathering and unnecessary travel to the next plague village thing may be illegal by the time we reach the Volksworld weekend.

    Techenders is also at risk.
  5. Yeah, I'm really not sure if I will camp this year either. Doesn't seem worth it, considering how many are not going this year.

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  6. I shan’t be going due to my recent return from Italy, so that might increase attendances for the rest of you .

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  7. Friday night: Shiver a bit, with a warm can of larger/bitter
    Saturday: find some weak sunshine to stand in near a bus and drink a larger/bitter/ Guinness out of a plastic glass.
    Sunday think to self: 'Why won't that DJ play something decent?', 'might as well go home I suppose' and 'Don't think I'll bother next year'.

    2021 repeat.....
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  8. Is it cancelled yet?
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  9. Yes, it’s been postponed until 3-4th October
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  10. due to lack of toilet rolls?
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  11. Postponed to more like March 2021 I expect.
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  12. Well, Busfest has thrown in the towel. I expect we will lose Dubfreeze next year as more places go into lockdown again..

    I stand by March 2021 or even later.
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  13. davidoft

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    The new forest is suggesting there campsites will be closed until next Easter
  14. I'm hating this... All the newspapers are saying camper vans are the trend of summer 2020 and all the campsites that are open are going to be rammed with people that can't fly to benidorm. So now, for me, staycation means staying at home even more.

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  15. davidoft

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    I live by the beach so it’s not to bad
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  16. I live in London. Might need to park in your drive :))

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  17. Oh wait...[​IMG]

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  18. We are booked in the new forest next weekend
    I think it’s only the camping in the forest sites that are closed lots of others in the forest are open.
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  19. Correct I had to call 12 site to get a space in Croyde last week women said to me people was booking weeks and asking what tents do u recommend never even had 1

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  20. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Fingers crossed it rains on all the new campers and they revert back to Euro holidays next year.

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