Volksworld 2020

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  1. Sorry Mike , i stand corrected - sterling effort by yourself and @iain mcevoy for holding the TLB fort on Sunday

    I camped over on Saturday night simply to catch up with folks on here and have been in the line-up a few times in the past when discounted tickets and cheap camping were offered to anyone in a display making for a fun weekend.
    Last year the prices went up and everyone paid the same whether or not you helped them out by displaying a van or just wandered around an empty complex . (in comparison to previous years .)
    It's a very long 2 days if you're showing the van which has to be in place by 9am and can't be moved until the show closes at about 5 . Cheaper tickets were an appreciation for taking the time to lose a weekend showing your van , last year the outside display area was almost empty due to the SSVC not putting on a display for whatever reason and the organizers lost 50-60 vans . It was a similar tale on the area in front of the main grandstand where the individual clubs have displays , usually a really interesting jumble of all sorts squeezed onto the tarmac apron - 50% empty ....

    I live quite close , and although said never again will probably have a wander up for a beer if I've an hour or two to spare ...


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  2. I feel we may be getting closer to the important nitty gritty here. Beer!

    But let us not forget @nicktuft curry and late night entertainment or @mikedjames life saver bacon butties. Or indeed the Friday pizza. A night in a surrey pizza express that would have been fit for a prince!

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed last year's show and the two before.
    Last year we all got on well together in true TLB spirit and had a great time.
    I will say that I was very disappointed with the jumble sale of parts etc in the upstairs hall ,mostly tat and replica stuff, and this is one of the reasons I'm going to Ninove this year to see the offerings there.
    Hope those going enjoy the weekend and have a beer for me.
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  4. Agreed , the social side is a good craic and well worth the effort but that`s all down to us lot , the organisers usually put on a crap turn in the golf club and a few bogs but that`s their total commitment to anyone camping over to show their van . Wonder how much they pay to get the `untouchable` prime exhibits in the main hall to attend ??
    I know i`m getting all money orientated but looking at last years empty display areas and poor public attendance i`m surprised it`s going ahead , just because the event is in the South the organisers take it for granted they`ll get the numbers to make Volksworld pay , the books must have been pretty down last year ...

    Just my view , if anyone`s going i`d certainly meet up for a beer , probably on Sunday :thumbsup:

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  5. davidoft

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    I’m going as it’s not far and my mate wants to :)
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  6. Invisible friend? ‘Special’ friend?

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  7. Ps remind me to bring that alternator I owe you

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    speshul fwend
  9. Hmm, Brighton Breeze has gone south over the last two years (really poor attendance and high prices - I wonder if there’s a connection?) and now Volksworld isn’t what it was. Are we witnessing a losing-of-interest in VWs, buses and campers?
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    or perhaps a change in “the scene” and all the older dudes not moving with the times
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  11. :thumbsup:
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  13. I'll admit I didn't expect @Suss to turn up dressed as Doris Day. Does he always do that? I'm not judging.
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  14. Dubs

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    I'm not going, as I am old and grumpy. :thumbsup:

    The last time I went, some bloke was trying to play the drums along to a record, very badly and very loudly.. bleeding youfs...
  15. I am currently 50/50 on camping. I'm not far from home so I don't need to, but if others are going to, I'll do it for the laugh. Not as easy to have beers on the Sunday because of getting home though.

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  16. Are you camping?

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  18. I’ll prob saunter up on Saturday afternoon and see who’s about.

    Is there a TLB line-up this year to gather at?

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  19. Don`t think so , it`s usually @1973daisey or @paul2590 who `organise` everyone but haven`t heard a peep from either regarding Volksworld .
    The general concensus last year was to give the display a miss , lots of messing around and a total lack of appreciation from the organisers , to the point of trying to sort out the tickets with a few days to go even though we had paid for them - very poor organisation by the Volksworld lot ....

    Realised Sunday is Mothers day so Saturday might be a better bet for a light ale or two ..:D

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  20. Saturday beer ftw

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