Volksworld 2020

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by julesd, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. I was looking for a thread for this year's volksworld and couldn't find one. Anyone going?
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  3. Probably.
    But don’t let that put you off..

    @snotty said he’s going Saturday
    @Bazza has some kind of football thing that’s more important.
    He told me to look out for a OE door handle. And a blonde with big ***s.

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  4. I suppose it’s possible he may be coming in drag incognito.

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  5. I’ll be there both days
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  6. I've got a door handle and if she's like anything from your estate I'll skip the blond thank you, :thumbsup:
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  7. Tell Baz to get a grip. Football can wait.
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  8. I personally don`t like footy-ball ...

    That said , I would happily travel the country and pay silly money to attend a primadonna footy-ball game rather than look at less of the same-old-same-old , shiny tat at Volksworld .
    Everyone who `exhibited` in The Late Bay area decided to a man / woman the show had taken a massive dive - never again ....

    And it`s only 10 minutes away .

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  9. I would agree with you. Last year was the first time I’d been for ages. It’s always the same old stuff.
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  10. I went once. There were young men playing on an amplified drum kit, men with beards and earrings and some shiny vehicles with apparent suspension failure. And then our Mountain Buggy push chair got a puncture from a drawing pin on the floor of one of the display halls which was the last straw.
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  11. Were they playing “jive” music?
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  12. Last year was pretty dire to be honest , great to see folks but the atmosphere was totally `flat` ..

    I`m not keen on shows - this confirmed it for me :rolleyes:

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  13. No , they were playing SHEY-EYET music ;)

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  14. I only went to see Barry's wig...

    Same goes for VW magazines. Seen one slammed Splitty with fancy paint, you've seen them all.
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  15. Ok, glad I asked. I'll see you'd who remember which end your smile is at, there. Hope the rest of you are ok. ;)

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  16. It seems we all have the same opinion - more or less - and the only reason I’ve been is to meet a few faces off here.
    I don’t get out to these other meets and asides Brighton Breeze - which I haven’t been to for over a decade for some reason - and Plumjam - which I to my surprise I actually thought had a nice chilled but civilised and not trying to be too up itself or commercial, Volks World is the next closest and a bit more accessible for people to come from further away and stay over.

    That’s the appeal to me, put some faces to names and have a laugh at ourselves a bit too.

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  17. I went last year and it was great to see everyone, the hardest part of the day was getting @Suss to buy a round :p the show is what you make it chill and have a laugh I say,

    It's true I am going to the football but if I wasn't I would be going to the show with my older brother @Gingerbus
    Have a good show everyone:thumbsup:
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  18. It wasnt everyone, two of us went in on Sunday.

    Anyway, I think I am going up for the day on the Saturday as my wife said she would like to go to the show.

    I decided not to go to Ninove as its a long way for one day without proper camping en route , and one of the alternative futures has the TLB contingent sitting round a cream coloured bus that is making hissing noises and going nowhere without a skateboard wedged under one corner somewhere short of Ninove.. And at the time of deciding my passport was out of date.

    TBH the revamped Slough Swapmeet had a good number of interesting buses and bugs on show (driven there on the day) , had traders and a lot of swapmeet stuff, was at Newbury so it didnt suffer the traffic congestion of Sandown.. like its becoming a better show..
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  19. I’m going again with my mate Andy and our families (he has a t6 so I can’t make any tlb display area if there is one). The show was pretty crap last year and I wrote a snotty letter. The company was great though. I’m giving it one more go.
  20. Hard getting me to buy a round?o_O
    That is slightly true due to the embarrassment of what you lot were drinking,
    @Barry Haynes was drinking Lager Shandy. I only pretend to like that London Pride he said!
    @snotty would only drink cocktails and kicked off like a proper diva if the umbrella wasn't pink!
    @Gingerbus was drinking prosecco like it was going out of fashion (something about the bubbles taste different at home when he's at the top of his tower block!)

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