Volks Weald 2019 - Penshurst

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  1. Was loads more Vw's than we'd seen at Quex couple of weeks before that. Had a great weekend, arrived at a not so early as planned 12.30pm to find the family camping crammed full of VW's. Managed to squeeze a space near the "day entrance". Weather was hot, food was good, entertainment was grand, my daughter loved it, made new friends and played with them both days.

    I met Gingerbus and Barry Haynes, both kindly took time out of their day to come and look over our bus "Livvy", gave me a thumbs up and said she is a sound bus and needs only bits of welding, nothing major etc and should get out and use her more as we planned to do, family camping and days out :) Was great to put their names to faces, and get the TLB spirit, had a good ol chat with Jerry and Bazza and helped put a different perspective on my bus. Sorry to miss 'mgbman'

    Was a tad cold, but tried out my new Pucer screen (heat reflective) which worked great! tried out the Summit side screens- bloomin suckers kept popping off and I chucked them in the awning. Propex wouldnt fire up, battery was dead, then locked out and wouldnt reset on the way home or when leisure battery charged up. Thinking I'll get a digital monitor to measure the leisure battery 'juice' capacity :thinking:

    My daughter loved the adventure playground, didnt go to the maize maze, but done that before, instead, I filled up on my Guinness, followed by burgers, spicy lamb wraps, then next day we had fresh italian pizza chilling out looking at the show and shine :)

    Nice to meet you Bazza and Jerry :cheers:
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  2. Love that trad awning!
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  3. Merlin Cat

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    Why don’t you buy mine then? :) I could get my brother to be accidental TLBCourier ;)
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  4. Ah I’d love it - but somehow I have two already! I scored a free inflatable one that I have yet to try out.
    Can’t be harder to put up than the Country Road one I have though. .
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  5. Do you still have your one @Merlin Cat ? How moooch ? Might be tempted:rolleyes:
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  6. @Bazza, how did you get on with those two nice lads with the poodle in the bus behind you?

    Must have been a bit of a tight fit with both of them in there

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  7. A couple of their mates turned up and when me and Holly woke in the morning they were gone :eek:
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  8. My son bought his T25 from a couple of nice farm lads who lived in the van on a remote farm in Devon, very cosy.
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