Volks Weald 2019 - Penshurst

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  1. Volks Weald
    12th - 14th of July

    Anyone planning to go to this or been in previous years?

    Always liked Penshurst but have not been for ages, might be a good excuse to go.
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  2. I'm there!
    This is their third year, I went as a punter year one, and traded last year. I'll be trading/sponsoring the show this year.

    I've enjoyed it each time, nice friendly laid back weekend. I was too busy to have a proper look about last year but chatted with many nice folks over the weekend!
  3. I’m looking at going to this one , anyone else?

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  4. Yes I will be going on the Sunday. My son is taking the T25 Devon all weekend. The event is held in a fabulous location in the grounds of Penshurst Place which is open to the public and the lovely gardens and park are also open.
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  5. Will be going although unsure whether to go for the sunday or stay overnight.
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  6. I'm planning on going
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  7. I might go have a look around. Not sure which day yet.

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  8. Took my grandson today to the Marmalade event at Polegate to meet up with my son as he is camping all weekend with his partner in the T25 (bright yellow and ivory hi top) in the Kentish VW Club area.

    We really enjoyed the day in the sunshine and met great folks, many said they are going to Penshurst next week. I will be going.

    I bought a ticket today for the Dubs at DLWP one day event on 10 August at the Bexhill art deco De La Warr pavilion on the seafront. We went last year and really enjoyed it.

    The Marmalade gave us great music and even a wedding, amazing.
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  9. Thinking of going as well. Not sure which day.
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  10. Kool, well I will be there both days in the bug and a tent not the bay yet!!, hopefully the weather holds up .

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  11. Yep I’ll be there, not sure which day yet. I’ll look out for tlb stickers.
    Is there a kind of handshake by which you can recognise other members?
  12. Camper Marmalade was great, now looking forward to joining family at Penshurst Volks Weald next weekend, probably Saturday for me.
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  13. Looks like Saturday is the favourite.
    Better put my TLB sticker in the window I suppose!

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  14. I'm going to try and make it for Saturday, I'll be with @Gingerbus I'm the bald one with the film star good looks Jerry is not so good looking but has a great personality and a big fat wallet
    @Kkkaty look out for us
  15. Is Jerry married?
    I’m looking for a nice young man (copyright D Emery).
  16. He's not married but is a bit old I have to look after him, sit him down in a quiet corner and buy him a bottle of stout:thumbsup:
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  17. Yeah yeah yeah. Tell me more about the wallet...
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  18. Oh so it's all about the money is it, what about @Gingerbus great personality,and his his his, great personality:thumbsup:
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  19. :p I’ll see you both Saturday I hope.
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  20. Think Laurel and Hardy and you’ll spot us.

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