Volks Weald 2019 - Penshurst

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  1. How about we all wear a badge/sticker with our TLB user name / name on it, @Gingerbus I'll do ours
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  2. Now why does that make me suspicious?...

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  3. Next he will ask you to put your keys in a basket....

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  4. I’m single so there’ll be winners and losers in that game! It’s been a while so I might take my chances!

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  5. Great idea:thumbsup:
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  6. What have I done ahahaha.

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  7. So long as I don’t get Bazza - again. He’s all ‘Wham Bam thank you man’, you never get to take your turn..

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  8. What a difference, those northern folk have a VW show in a cow field with a tent put up in the corner serving lard sandwiches and Newton and Ridley beer,us southerners hold our show at a Palace eating cucumber sandwiches ( crust cut off obviously) Pimm's and posh gin on the lawn, see you all Saturday
  9. :burp:
    ^ Posh gin bottle
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  10. .
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  11. That’s a tidy looking bug.

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  12. Hope there's enough room for the Bazmobile, see you tomorrow:thumbsup:
  13. Where’s your Tear drop ?

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  14. At home as wanted to get here a tad quicker

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  15. We are all set up, just chilling then me and Holly are going to hit the dance floor
  16. A wee bit cooler in a tent

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  17. Paging @Barry Haynes. Are you still there? What time are you staying until if so. Leaving soon but I’m an hour away....
  18. @Kkkaty Dam and blast we've left , Holly wanted to go home to see mum and Milo her dog, the show was good apart from loud yellow snowed lady thinking it's was a good idea to shout and sing at 2 am, not good when you've got an 8 year old trying to sleep:mad: we had lovely bacon rolls for breccy and a last go in the adventure playground, it's ok if you're with your children not so if you're on your own as operation yew tree might be called:p, the van played up a bit on the way there, back firing and losing power I suspected it was over fueling as the oil level had risen so this morning I tapped the carbs and it ran ok all the way home @Gingerbus :thumbsup:
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  19. I went on Saturday for the day and parked my red and white tintop in the car parking field outside the entrance. My son and the kids were camped in the T25 near the lake. Very nice area near the lake with the trees around. I only went to enjoy the day with my grand kids really as I don't see them that often and grandson is into his cameras and cars and vans, so perfect. It was a lovely day and folks were chilled and having fun.

    My poor old van struggled a bit going up Groombridge Hill but so did the van in front. Favourite van there? Had to be the cream colour Commer Camper , I would like one, but they never come up for sale.
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  20. We can’t go on not-meeting like this. ;)
    Had a fun day and almost saw @its ted. Sorry to miss you but lerve those glawnings!
    @mgbman a shame to miss you too but sounds like you had a good time. Thought the band playing was excellent. Loved the Jack Daniels van!
    V small show but a great setting and fab hot dogs.
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