Ultrasound Scans And Angiograms And All That Jazz.

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  1. I had a heart attack, so I guess they saved my life :thumbsup:
    It’s really amazing what they can do.
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  2. Correct Dr Kildare
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  3. Lidls?
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  4. Doctor: "bad news I'm afraid, your heart has corroded like the jacking points on your Bay. Do you have anything to say?"

    Patient:"Yes - I wish I'd bought a Transit"
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  5. I had an angiogram in 2016 after having couple of dizzy spells - like @Jack Tatty I needed a by pass graft doing as arteries were too blocked for stents - had to wait 3 months for the op which I had at Broadgreen in Liverpool - everything went well and I am back to normal but still not got back to jogging
  6. Aortic valve replacement in June St Thomas,s in that there London wonderful place.
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  7. WHAT...............you shop in Sainsbury's:p
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  8. And home to London pride:thumbsup:
  9. In the interest of balance I should point out other supermarkets are available to drop down dead in :thumbsup:
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  10. Just make sure you are in the freezer aisle, preferably in Iceland as they have chest freezers...........
  11. Here's an interesting fact nobody had ever died from a heart attack in a Waitrose supermarket so if you think you're about to have one get yourself to a Waitrose store sharp:thumbsup:
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  12. Not sure in that one Transit back doors rust and give out
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  13. Go to Waitrose it’s a more superior experience :thumbsup:
  14. .
    So they should change their tagline then?

    "That's why mum's gone to Iceland.....

    She was having a cardiac arrest..."
  15. Officially, though I'm sure Snotts will have heard over the tanoy "Cleaner to aisle 3,there's a corpse blocking access to quinoa and quiches. Cleaner to aisle 3."
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  16. As only a doctor can pronounce death, they drag the poor stricken customers out to the carpark before they let anyone near them, its all about massaging the statistics..... Its the modern way:p
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  17. I was offered one nearly twenty five years ago with stents ,that in them days clogged up . Sooo I declined by avoiding Sainsbury’s I’m still here now . :eek: Joking aside it will weaken your heart , bit like pumps when you thin the liquid and open up the valves , less pressure required and so on ........... good luck mate . What ever you do don’t go to harrods ,the shock will kill you :D
  18. I think I'd rather have a heart problem than one with the back door :confused:
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  19. Drug Eluting Stents don't clog up (restenosis) like olds ones could,
    listen to me going on, its just people are always asking advice from Plumbers, heating Engineers and Electricians no one ever asks about manufacturing Stents so this is close to an expert subject as I'm likely to get;)
  20. What will?

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