Ultrasound Scans And Angiograms And All That Jazz.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pony, Dec 5, 2019.

  1. What sort of a joyful experience to be expected for an angiogram? Been stitched, glued and plastered up plenty but this is different. The three days not driving is going to be pants.
  2. It’s a breeze. You just lie there. I’ve had two, with stents fitted both times. Easy peasy.
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  3. What benefits were the stents to you @the2ems? If you don't mind me asking. Reading between the lines I think that more than likely will be what I'll be having.
  4. It'll be like changing a blocked fuel filter:thumbsup: restoring full flow to the heart and you'll be running around the place in no time. It can be done through the Brachial artery in the arm instead of the Femoral Artery but thats up to your interventional cardiologist. :chewie:

    Good luck with it.
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  5. Wish you well ..... and here is I, waiting for an abdominal ultrasound! Probably a walk in the park but I'm STARVING!! Nothing since 8pm last night :(
    Sweet potato fries and coffee at Sainsbury's cafe on the way home methinks :food:
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  6. Had a couple of angios, both were through the brachial artery in the wrist. Fairly straightforward procedure... tiny bit of discomfort but nothing more. I think they offer sedation for "nervous" patients but I didn't bother with that :)
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  7. It'd been coming on slowly over summer. It was when Mrs P was leaving me standing that the alarm bells started to ring. Got a GTN pill on the go the mo.
  8. Its like rust in a Bay, get it checked out at the first sign, too many ignore it untill it becomes a bigger problem:D. You're doing the right thing, its all pretty routine for the medical staff these days:thumbsup:
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  9. They found that stents weren't suitable in my case so it was under the knife for me. Dont regret having it done though. Better than dropping down dead suddenly the middle of Sainsburys :thumbsup:
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  10. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Christ I hope it’s not like rust on a bay.....
  11. Or Waitrose.
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  12. Can't afford to to peg it in either. LOL
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  13. What's going on?! I'm in Sainsbury's now, after all-clear on the ultrasound .... More questions to answer now :rolleyes:
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  14. You're not pregnant?
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  15. Just wanted to be sure ;)
    SLIGHTLY concerned about being mixed up with someone else :confused:
  16. Burt Reynolds?
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  17. Well, as I'm Dad's "clone" you now know that's highly unlikely ...
    "Ah you've had ultrasound before"
    "Erm, no ..."
    "Says here it was in 2015"
    "Erm, no ..."
    "At Price's Mill Surgery"
    "Erm, never been there"
    "Oh ..........."
    Thought best not to pursue it unless they found summat!
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  18. "You are Mrs Johnson, aren't you?"

    Good news anyway.
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  20. Unfortunately after 40 years there's always some there it just mightn't be noticable or affect function (rust and atherosclerosis):(

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