Type1 vs Type4 vs Subaru

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by Mattlad, Mar 1, 2015.

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  2. Terminal speed? Were you in 4th by the end? I think I can push 75-80mph possibly in 3rd gear with my 6 rib box, but going to loose out getting there. :thumbsup:
    Just the one linked to above - very rough and ready but a start point?
  3. So chaps, you who have done this 1/4 mile, how is it done? Rev nuts and drop the clutch or something slightly more subtle?
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    Yeah I agree, they are just expensive bling, mine also gives out a fine oil mist that really winds me up, I only got mine because it came cheap with loads of other shiney stuff when I bought my engine. The bloke did'nt even know what any of it was, he just wanted rid ;) which then makes me not really know what size my engine is without taking the heads off, it was advertised as a 1641, I did'nt think 1641's could blow 2.0 type 4's with twin dells away on both top speed and acceleration ;)
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  5. I would like to hear it running and have a guess next time we pass. :) I had a customer with a fancy 1776 that would have had over 100HP no problem. If it's zingy at revs it's likely to be short stroke, if it's gruftier it's a stroker*. I hope you understand my technical terms. :D

    if it's power is up the revs and it's a little shakey at tickover it has a sporty cam.
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    Plenty of long quite straight roads round here Zed has you know, we'll have to meet up somewhere inbetween
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  7. Although VW 1600 cranks have a bad name, I've noticed that engines based on them, properly balanced, are extremely smooth through the revs.
    After the 17th (rolling road) it's a date. [​IMG]
  8. Yours is never a 1641, Id say close on 2.0, maybe higher - but its set up well and has the performance to match it..it certainly surprised that Beemer uphill out of Sutton in Ashfield that afternoon.
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    When it blows up I'll have a look. ;)
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  12. I need a list of parts to make this theoretical 2276cc and worry about what I can and can't do myself later I think.....
  13. Just scanned through this.... has anyone ever put a Vr6 engine and gearbox in a bay??
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    Iv not seen a vr6 in the back if a bay. But I'm swapping out the Subaru in mine for a 4.2 Audi v8. What ever I do with it there always seems to be something bigger and better I could have done.
  15. There's a VR6 bay on the samba, here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=540073

    4.2 audi is a good engine - a few folks are swapping those into early esprits to replace the wheezy 4 cylinder with great results. is that going to fit in a bus though?
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    Yeah it fits. A little but of trimming but not much more than what was needed for the Subaru. I need to put a hatch in the top if the engine bay though.
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    So then @Mattlad, when we going to the Pod?
  18. Anytime big boy....
  19. Getting anywhere with your spec? I'll be going 84x94 I think. :D
  20. This is the list at the moment:

    New autolinea 94mm clearance case
    82mm scat forged crank
    94mm B&P - don't know if cast or forged
    CB unitech rods - don't know what length
    CB - 044 heads maybe 'cos maybe able to get a good deal with a popular supplier
    A cam of some description
    1:4 rockers
    bits to hold it all together

    Plus some carbs(44idf) and an exhaust

    Not going to be able to get very far until a) the beetle is sold or b) all my outstanding invoices are paid up quick

    I'd like Robert to put it all together for me ...

    Could you ask him to check his emails when you speak to him as i'm making the spec up based on little knowledge after a chat the other week.

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