Type1 vs Type4 vs Subaru

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  1. Idly thinking about having more POWER in the bus and wondered, hypothetically like, what the pros and cons of each of the above would be to achieve a goal of something like a 0-60 time of 9 or less seconds.

    Starting from a 1776 with standard cam and a single weber progressive and stock exhaust what is in the van now. Pulls well enough for now but never hurts planning the next move.

    My thoughts are that the 1776 would never meet the target so better off starting with a new build engine....

    But what cc's would I need and should I go type 4 or even Subaru.
  2. This should be entertaining.
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  4. Exactly - but not asking to wind anyone up.

    Is it even possible to get a bus to do 0-60 in 9 seconds with a street aircooled motor?? I dint know,.,,
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  6. I wanna go up the 1/4 mile and get a USB sticker....
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    I would just tootle around with what Ive got or else
    get a T5
  8. I am not sure with an air cooled engine. To get into ultimate street bus club don't you have to do a 1/4 mile under 17seconds?

    If you build a big type 4 it is quite expensive I would have thought. Almost to the point of doing a self install Subaru......

    I think it all depends what you want to be able to do with your bus
  9. Ok thanks but not really adding to the discussion.
  10. It all depends on your budget to be honest
  11. This is the thing. Need to know what kind if spec a type1 and Type 4 would need to be....
  12. In my (very ) humble opinion i`m happy with a lowly 1600 - it gets me there - EVERYTIME !
    *gallops over and touches nearest tree*
    Not fast , but then if i wanted fast i wouldn`t drive mi van ....
    Some people just don`t seem to get it - both inside and outside the VW scene :rolleyes:
    The fun is the trip , not the destination ....

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  13. The thing is an engine built to do a fast run up the strip will not be an ideal engine for everyday use on the road
  14. The guy that was on camper van crisis with "dipsy" had a type 1 with a turbo but that's as much as I can remember
  15. Well if a drive in/out Subaru is 6k let's start from there and work downwards...

    I don't especially want to go Subaru as I like to tinker and that's part of the attraction if owning a 40 yr old vehicle.
  16. And I'm quite happy to still sit at 60 on the motorway as I do now but I see this as an evolution of my 10 yrs of bay ownership.
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    Your not adding ether, thats not what they want to hear
  18. Ignoring the Subaru for a minute, ultimately, a T4 has better cooling - the heads stay cooler, but starting from scratch I think can get a bit expensive. I have no idea if I'd get up to 60 in 9 seconds but I doubt it.
    @Paul Weeding will tell us how fast we need to go.to get in the club, I asked before but forget what he said. :) I think you had to be going 70-75 at the end of the 1/4 mile?
  19. Yes, so it would still need to be used as a camper. It's not a daily driver but still is used for weekends/weeks/fortnight a away in UK and France without self destructing and needing rebuilding every 3k miles.

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