Type 4 cam choice and lifter compatibility help please…

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  1. Yes, the ramp angle will be steeper and the follower acceleration will be faster albeit only slightly and not noticeable on a road engine. How much has to be ground off depends on how worn the original cam is.

    Personally I’ll never fit a reground cam, the cost savings are minimal but I guess if I were building engines to sell for a living and had the tools to grind cams it would be worthwhile.
  2. Thanks for your recommendations, I've decided to go with the Scatc25 with Scat lube a lobe lifters -got a good deal through VW Heritage today taking advantage of their 10% flash sale.

    Next step; case machining then crack on with the engine build and get her back on the road!

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  3. Good choice – those lube a lobe followers are not much more expensive than standard ones and the C25 cam is cheaper than a standard.
  4. Be ready to find the cam thrust bearing doesn't fit... but that should have a thread of it's own!
    In short, every T1 and T4 cam, Scat, engle or otherwise appear to be made in the same factory who have the thrust dimension wrong. It's not the bearings, they'll fit a VW cam fine.

    Makes me laugh really as peeps will argue over which are best quality and diss Chinese stuff but I would guess they're all made in China anyway.
  5. That explains why I've had issues recently...
  6. Two different scat T1 cams for me and Rob has had the same experience more often, then you and mork and others with different T4 cams...
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  7. Raptor from JPM. could be an option
  8. Are you up and running with your cam grinder yet? I might be in the market for sprucing one up!... are followers a possibility too?
  9. Followers are no problem, But, Cams not just yet, at this moment I have 18 engines and 6 gearboxes to do! no time to get any of the other things on my list done. Sorry
  10. Thanks anyway..to the shops it is then. Or use the one I've got depending on funds:thumbsup:
  11. You sound like a certain Mr weeding
  12. Interesting topic, I've made the assumption the engines discussed are all powering vans buses etc requiring low down torque.

    If the vehicle was to be a much lighter Karmann Ghia and the engine was a still a 2.0 T4 would the choice of cam change significantly?

  13. This is a bus forum so the cams discussed are for engines requiring low down torque. In a lighter vehicle cam choice would change but it depends on how you want to drive and what you want the engine to do - cruising through the country lanes or traffic light Grand Prix
  14. Thank you for the response.
  15. the W code porker engine is a type 4 ...not sure on the cam tho ....also used in the 412 and 411


    In my 1911 turbo i use the web 86a with web lifters. Nice idle /Good power. Sgood ya.
  17. Hi, are you offering the camshaft and follower regrinding service now?
    I have a Type 4 CU (manual tappets) from a T25. I am rebuilding it to put in my late Bay. The camshaft looks reasonable on the lobes but a bit worn on the base circle. More importantly a couple of followers are badly pitted and a few very slightly pitted and the rest ok. So I wonder if it's better to get it all reground or to buy new. The secondhand camshafts Ive seen all look worse than mine.
    Thanks, Mike

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