Two seater, targa topped bus restoration (914)

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  1. ... They should only be tested in their bracket thus preventing them over expanding ......hopefully its fine
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  2. Oops - should have thought about that. Still, it shrank back to its contracted size so hopefully I’ll have just weakened it rather than totally shagged it. :confused:
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  3. 57FD4BF7-A9D2-4536-BD0A-DFE0A2130B35.jpeg E9E8EA11-93CE-4445-B743-6255759A130E.jpeg ...and that’s the alternator done. Cleaned up, a bit of fresh paint, tested everything I can with a multimeter and popped in some new brushes for good measure. And put together with a home made gasket.
    Oddly the usual suppliers of VW parts don’t do just brushes but have a great line in full alternator replacements. But brushes are available from;
  4. Love the super attention to detail .... are you just concentrating on engine or doing stuff to the car as well ?
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  5. Do you have the engine under tins ?
  6. Thanks! I have to say I really get satisfaction out of doing the best I can bit by bit.

    The plan is still evolving. My aim is to get the engine back in and recommissioned (and getting the engine bay up to scratch too) and then doing enough to get the through the MOT (which includes some big ticket items such as windscreen and exhaust, and full brakes overhaul, fuel lines , electrics convsersion and other stuff yet to be discovered) and then a rolling resto for interior and a respray at some point. For me it’s a year away before getting it on the road.

    What’s just spurred me on is my first ride in a 914; I went to the Porsche night at the Ace Cafe last week and got talking to the owner of a ‘73 2 litre (the same as mine but has had Webers bolted on). Lovely guy and very keen. He took me for a spin round the block and I loved it. Surprisingly goodly amount of torque, a nice throb and characteristic bag-of-spanners noises from the motor, and lots of smiles.
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  7. Do I have the tinware under the engine? Yep!
  8. Do you have a pic ?

    What’s the chance of a loan for a week ? I’m sure I can return favour somehow !!!! Pretty sure I have one side but not all ..

    I have to buy bits as and when , prices are not like bug stuff that’s for sure .....

    That green 914 is a fraction of price of those others but all the owners are checking it out
  9. Do you not have under tins? Do you have a picture of what they should be like or are they normal type 4 type?
  10. There are quite a few differences between the bus and 914 Type 4 motors as I’m finding out. The majority of the tinware is different, in fact I’m not sure if any of it is the same apart from the ducts on the heads above the PR tubes.

    Here’s the under engine tinware. Too confusing to say which is LH and RH because the engines are back to front anyway. But the one with the long scoop goes on the side with the gear shift rod, which is the LH of the car and the RH of the engine if it was in the right way round, which it isn’t.
    FC8A9F50-BD51-4085-AB89-E2BAD4682ACD.jpeg 34E48739-DE28-4593-A802-31A3C7C51707.jpeg A2CD3B14-5622-4D66-8186-B09FC3521A71.jpeg 867181C8-1612-4D9B-B918-442270372AEF.jpeg 557A6335-6AAE-4F8D-8DA8-59F3F6D6F66F.jpeg CCE5A589-8303-4811-BA9A-B34A8FFA80E7.jpeg 33AC84A3-826A-4D21-8735-6A2A546E0A22.jpeg
    I’d be delighted to lend them to you. They are quite sculpted so difficult to replicate in steel I think. Have a look at why not PM me and we’ll work out how to get them to you.
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  12. Managed to find some time at the weekend to get started with the great engine reassembly. The microfiche records are a great way to check you’ve got all the parts before you start. Then, armed with the Jake Raby dvd, Tom Wilson’s book, a couple of YouTube videos and plenty of reference to @Deefer66 and @MorkC68’s excellent threads, I bolted the short block all back together;
    403C0D30-480D-4077-A75A-C5812DEAF4A3.jpeg D6A817D3-FEF7-4D84-BBBD-A2266BA4809A.jpeg B4877C8A-0A6D-4522-B93C-554E4EB69DF5.jpeg C48BCB96-2CF0-4FB9-ACEF-0539BCA97C52.jpeg AC72807E-0C6A-470B-85AC-1EE589DFB80B.jpeg
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  13. Merlin Cat

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    Blimey. Nice work :)
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  14. Lovely - do like a nice bit of engine assembly
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  15. Very tidy!.. nice work
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  16. Just got back from the powder coaters - and to say I’m pleased with the results is something of an understatement. @CollyP - thank you so much for recommending Swallow in Windsor. I’m sure it’s where the Duke gets his coating done too.
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  17. Welcome!!!

    They look great :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  18. Nice work :thumbsup: I'm nearly ready to put my type 4 AP engine back together were did you get the microfiche records from?
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  19. I’m using the ones on the Porsche site. You need to scroll down past the 6 cylinder engine but form about page 90 or so it’s all pure type 4. Pretty much identical to the bus engine except for the outer tinware.

    And there’s Ratwell of course for the bus microfiche but I don’t think they have the parts lists.

    I love you can get easy access to this detail still!
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  20. Download/Save it whilst you can.

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