Two seater, targa topped bus restoration (914)

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  1. That’s the front brakes done with new seals and outer bearings. The discs hardly looked used at all, so at least that’s something I haven’t had to shell out for. Stub axle looks fine;

    I love the Germans for date stamping everything. These back plates are from April ‘74 and are almost like new after a good clean.

    F0B2A0CC-E140-4356-A022-D2065EF21F73.jpeg 6DFDE181-50C4-4775-8D6F-2C6AFA3B54E7.jpeg

    Lick of paint on the callipers and just waiting for new pads to arrive.
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  2. Slow progress lately - well it’s cold and wet.
    You have to split the rear callipers to replace all the seals which ended up being a really satisfying job.
    You can’t get a repair kit or a direct replacement for the 17.5mm master cylinder so I’ve done what most folk do and found a 19mm one from a 911. At £60 this is the best value part I’ve bought so far.
    D43CA0C2-9789-4A5A-BAB8-ABA8205AF682.jpeg And a few bits back from the most-excellent Swallows powder coaters. This undertray has been reunited with original seals and looks the business, not that anyone will see it.
    And I love how the air filter box has come up.
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  3. Love this ... I have finished repainting the whole underneath and had all front suspension powdercoated , new ball joints , new everything . Found out mine has a 911 turbo steering rack and I also have a new 19mm master cylinder and all new brakes ...
    Also fitted a trunk strut kit which works really well plus a bit of re wiring
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  4. You’re cracking on, well done. Curious about the rack. About time you put some more photos on your thread (please)! Here’s something from the days when they knew how to do sexism properly to inspire you... F70CD219-917A-4156-830A-0E1F263A02DF.jpeg
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  5. The rack is / was a popular upgrade as it’s a better design and prevents bump steer . I only found out when I ordered new 914 gaiters and they didn’t fit .
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