Two seater, targa topped bus restoration (914)

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  1. Now back to those pesky fuel lines.
    @lhu1281 - what did you use as a reducer from the bigger 10mm flow outlet on the tank to join to the rubber pipe, please?[/QUOTE]

    I haven`t got that far yet , the fuel pump I`m using is 8 mm in/out so I will most likely change the tank outlet
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  2. Ah - your pump is at the front under the tank but mine’s is the slightly earlier one where it’s under the engine.
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  3. Yes pump under tank
  4. Doesn’t a fuel injection go from 10mm to 8mm or is it 8mm to 6mm ???

    Still no help

    @pkrboo matt do you remember?
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  5. Bay windows are 8mm out of the rank into square fuel filter, 11mm out of the filter into the pump, them 8mm out of the pump to the engine.

    11mm - weird size
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  6. Yes the 914 is the same. I think. The flows from and back to the tank are different sizes and done in clear pvc/plastic tube , and I’m trying to redo it it all in one size in stainless, so I’m going to need a reducer somewhere. I might try use my as-yet unlearned silver soldering skills to make one.
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  7. Why just use the filter and pump as the reducer they have 8-11-8mm
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  8. BA40E9F6-BCFD-41B9-9E99-C98B4453D623.png
    You might have something there - only trouble is that the reducer needs to sit under the fuel tank (where parts 1 and 2 are in the sketch), and I wouldn’t want to be removing the tank every time I need to change the filter. Will give it some more thought. My set up is the one at the bottom of the page.
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  9. Double post.
  10. Filter number 9 should be before the pump, it's hard to see the flow on that diagram
  11. Yes that’s right. I’m doing away with the original pump that has the pressure release valve going to the return circuit and putting in a boggo injection-rated pump. But the box shaped filter sits below the engine bay and just before the pump.
  12. So you want tank outlet changing from 10 - 8 mm then the rest is 8mm ?
    My pump and Bosch filter ( modern steel jobbie ) is all 8mm .. but like you say mine is under tank
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  13. Hmm - I might have followed you rather too closely.
    Yes, I wanted to reduce from the 10mm tank outlet to 8mm for the pipe run to the engine bay. But I might not have got this right. At the moment the two plastic pipes I want to replace (flow and return) are 10mm and 8mm respectively and I’ve only bought 8mm pipe to to the job - doh! Were your original ones the same size? Filter inlet is 10mm but outlet 8mm. New pump inlet is 10mm, outlet is 8mm. Not sure I could have cocked this up more. Going to have to draw it out and have a good think.
  14. Yes both the ones I replaced were both 8 mm ,I couldn’t fit 10 if I tried . I had a short 10mm hose from tank to pump ( next to tank) and then the rest is 8mm . Mine was a 2.0 originally and it all looked genuine inc pump etc . It will still pump a Marmite load of fuel . I’m going to just Change the 8mm on pump to a 10 .
  15. could you just not move your pump up front?
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  16. Ah- that’s an idea. Where is your fuel filter?
  17. Been a while since the last update, not because I’m not doing anything but rather it’s been a dull load of scraping, cleaning, prepping and painting after that spot of patching and putting a new battery tray in.

    Engine bay is pretty much there and good enough and finally started putting things back in their places. Here’s how it looks;


    Now, this old silencer has got to be worth a go at patching when a new is is a cool £500 or so.... just to add to the job there’s a wasps nest inside but the residents are long departed;
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  18. Been fiddling with the fuel pump today. The old fuel lines have been replaced apart from the flow from the tank which I’ve decided to reuse. Here’s the mock up with coat hanger as a template... 9EF1D2AA-AF7A-448B-A527-DEED528A5329.jpeg
    And with the completed pipe bent to shape... 3DCC7720-92B0-4CF7-B7D7-A1FFB2904EE1.jpeg
    Looks a bit steam punk with all those clamps around the reducer, hey ho.
    Snapped the handle on me Chinese pipe bender early doors, so now the stump is clamped to the bench and it still works.
    I’ll pop the tank back in tomorrow, stick some fuel in it for the first time for 30 years and do a leak test.
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  19. Looks great ... I’m pretty much at the same stage . I have just fitted new carpet set and sorting locks and door cards ...
    I have a rather nice German weave carpet set for sale if interested , not salt and pepper but nice ...
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  20. Cheers - but the original carpet set has come up incredibly well with a bit of cleaner and steam. Looking forward to seeing an update on your thread.
    Meanwhile, I patched a few bits on that exhaust and then discovered how bad it was in other areas so gave up and got the cheque book out.

    The heat exchangers have come up ok with plenty of elbow grease and a bit of VHT paint on the hot end.
    4FC6905C-DE2F-432C-8F71-1CC3B24CAE15.jpeg 8639AA37-6351-4378-9001-2C89FFBFFBBA.jpeg
    Fuel tank is back in and the fuel circuit seems to pump ok. Running out of things to do now before putting the engine back in.
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