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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PIE, May 17, 2023.

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    Last week I didn’t know what a hemostat was. It turns out that they are long surgical forceps which clamp shut with a ratchet arrangement to stop blood flow, or hang on to bits of car that need to go somewhere inaccessible.

    The bonnet on my old 911 is held up by a pair of gas struts, each has a pin with a clip at each end. When I came to replace mine, I found, like hundreds before me, that 3 of the pins are dead easy to get in and out. However the lower near side one is buried under the fuel filler pipe and the wiring loom, somewhere that fingers will never reach.

    That’s when you need to buy a hemostat. I ordered it from Amazon at the same time as a bottle of gin, the delivery guy must think I’m doing home surgery.
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  2. MrDavo

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    Behold the mighty 12” hemostat at work. This is me getting the virtually inaccessible pin out, the old gas strut is just to the left:
    And here it is ready to go back in, I also tied a piece of cotton to the pin and the retaining clip, in case it got dropped into the darkness. I didn’t need to, all went surprisingly well, and my bonnet now stays up rather than slowly closing on your head.
  3. Will you be moving on to heart surgery?
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    Bought an impact driver on a bit of a whim yesterday. Spotted them on offer whilst getting other stuff from Screwfix.

    I've used it three times already :D
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    Which one did you go for. They’re all pretty good nowadays. I remember my first battery drill / driver and it was a Hitachi when they first came out, great for small stuff. I bought a drill and impact combo five years ago, Milwaukee stuff, was worried if the battery would last all day, but more likely to last the week this latest stuff.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,brushless for the win
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    Just been doing some little jobs…jigsaw burnt out.
    Remembered I’ve still got my dads old Black & Decker ,must be getting on for 40 years old, tatty but runs great.
    Bit of a collectors item ….Made in England :thumbsup: DCBE2DE0-0A20-4276-9176-8090D084B8C0.jpeg
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  8. I’ve got one the same that was my dads and it’s still going strong.
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  9. Louey

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    It's a DeWalt brushless. Uses the same battery as my cordless drill
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    ... and well manicured to boot!
  12. I've also got the same one ...from my dad!
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