Tools You Don't Know How you Lived Without

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PIE, May 17, 2023.

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    A big vice.:thumbsup:
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  3. nell#2

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    I've got 2 of those one in the van and one in the garage it's great.
  4. nell#2

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    Do overalls count because they are amazing.
    Level with built in digital display and beep when level. 10/10
    Lazer level 9/10
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  5. Jack Tatty

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  6. Drinking
    Taking drugs
    I got plenty of big vice ,
    But gambling is a mug’s game Nipper :D
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  7. mikedjames

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    A Lidl 1/4 inch drive socket and screwdriver set.
    A Fluke 95 scopemeter.
  8. Moons

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    2nd favourite


    Saved my knees meany a time!
  9. Soggz

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  10. Kruger

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    Most of my must haves have been mentioned, but a compact 12v recip saw needs a mention!
  11. VW-specific, but a TorqueMeister tool for undoing/doing up type 1 gland nuts. Managed to get a cheaper used one on eBay. Even if you have your flywheel off a couple of times, they're worth the money. They're just laughably easy to use. No more swinging frim lengths of scaffold pole - you can just twirl it round with a couple of fingers, and you're done up to 250 ft lbs :thumbsup:
  12. iblaze

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    I have one of these. It's surly witchcraft how they work.
    I've seen a YouTube of a guy first removing the said nut, then putting it back on using it..... yep he snapped it off
    If I remember rightly, it also removes the hub nut on an prototype bay.

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  13. Lol. It's just a torque multiplier. Great bits of kit tho'
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  15. Soggz

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    Bought one of these, about 15 years ago.
    Great for my work.
    People love my topiary.
    People come from miles, just to stand in the gardens I work in, to admire my balls…:D
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  16. Do they call you tripod..?
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  17. nell#2

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    They call those widow makers in the USA apparently. You can put huge force into them :)
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  18. A tool for opening the chain connectors, or missing links, used on bike chains. Why did I spend so long trying to remove old oily bicycle chains by hand? Got one of these a couple of years ago, and replacing chains is now a joy.
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  19. Louey

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    I've got a little piece of looped metal that I've used for years - made one out of a paperclip originally, then one came attached to a chain tool that I bought.

    bike clip.png
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  20. Soggz

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    Yes. But before I bought it…
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