Tools You Don't Know How you Lived Without

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PIE, May 17, 2023.

  1. PIE


    I have 3 , Milwaukee 18V impact driver, Mafell Rail Saw ,and a Japanese Pull Saw. How on earth me dad built things with hand drills and a Yankee screwdriver I will never know!!
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  2. Top of the list for me is the Impact driver

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  3. Louey

    Louey Moderator

    I wish I had a circular saw when I built the interior of my Transit. Luckily, for the new van (when we find one) my brother in law has a carpentry workshop - add to the list of new tools that I never knew existed. :D
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  4. Battery electric drill/screw driver - putting a couple of back/side gates together with a screw driver for several hundred screws would have taken forever.
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  5. Smart phone...?
  6. Dub and Dubber

    Dub and Dubber Supporter

    Not the same but, the tool I wish I still had is the "Stazput" 18" metal ruler with a thin cork backing on it to stop it moving about, and to stop it picking up ink in draughting mode.
    Shame the guy in Graham's drove a forklift over it ...

    The "why didn't I get this sooner" tool is a petrol driven post hole digger.
    Suffered the manual auger for years. Always made me think of Arnie in that scene in "Conan the Barbarian".
  7. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    DA sander for me.
    A router is a pretty good replacement for a massive stack of moulding planes and better too as an idiot like me can make perfect things.
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  8. Moons

    Moons Supporter

    Makita Multiool for me

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  9. docjohn

    docjohn Supporter

    It's probably an angle grinder for me, although a cordless drill driver comes a close second.
  10. Sproggy4830

    Sproggy4830 Supporter

    This little Halfords quarter inch drive almost pocket sized socket set is used on just about everything i do either in the house or garage , normally £35 , but seems to always be on sale at £28. Mine is laid out slightly different to the picture and the picture actually has more items than mine . Well worth the money and highly recommend
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  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Multitool and impact driver for me. Plus my fave bahco grips and adjustables :)
  12. Electric finger file
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  13. YouTube can be a useful tool too.
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  14. JamesLey

    JamesLey Sponsor

    Beat me to it! Great bits of kit.
  15. Klunk72

    Klunk72 Supporter

    Definitely the electric finger file too! Along with the Mikwaukee impact wrench and vehicle scissor lift! :)
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  16. matty

    matty Supporter

    Battery drill
  17. Anything cordless
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  18. crossy2112

    crossy2112 Supporter

    Used to fit all my tools in a bass. Now I have a lwb transit and still can't fit everything in it - all of them can be classed as not being able to live without :thumbsup:
  19. Suss

    Suss Supporter

    If we're talking about useless tools then look no further than @Barry Haynes!:thumbsup:
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  20. They are quite large fish :thumbsup:
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