TLB Winter Camp 2022 - very sarf.

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  1. A chat at Techenders seemed to show there might be some interest in reinstating the TLB Winter Camp - to sort of replace the yawning chasm in our lives brought about by the end of Dubfreese.

    As a starter, I have just emailed the Fort Purbrook people at Portsmouth to see if it would be possible there , as that was where the event used to take place back as late as 2013.

    If you are interested, or can think of somewhere better (like the shed in Stafford showground where TLB hid on a wet and windy night on the last Dubfreeze ), comment here.

  2. davidoft

    davidoft Sponsor

  3. Sounds like a good plan.
  4. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Prefect

    I'd be up for that :)
  5. Somewhere more central than Portsmouth might work better!
    Do miss a wet cold weekend in February though!
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  6. davidoft

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    it’s central to the south coast ;)
  7. Went to a couple of winter campers was a good laugh. Nice and windy up on the fort and a bit chilly when there’s snow on the ground and your Propex decides to pack up
  8. I'm out...:hattip:
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  9. I bought my Mrs one of those sleeping bags with arms and legs in, at least she was toasty :)
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  10. JamesLey

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    Oh I could be interested! south coast is convenient.

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  11. Can you wear it all day...:)
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  12. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    Change the title to Southern winter camp?
    It's a 500 mile round trip from here... not that I'd go camping in the winter even if it was 10 miles away!
  13. What's the facilities like there? I'd imagine anyone without a decent gas set-up would freeze to death?
  14. I agree, I like to think I'm a happy camper, but I prefer the sunshine. Besides, I can drive 14 miles to the east coast to get a face peel and frozen toes, for a lot less fuel ;) and just as nice views too :)
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  15. bernjb56

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    I always used to think it looked very bleak in the pictures. Not sure I’m up for that sort of journey.
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  16. MorkC68

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    The saturday night at Dubfreeze was great, roaring fire and a good laugh with a beer or two, brilliant!

    If it was more central I'd be up for a get together.
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  17. A bit to far for me unless skiing is involved
    @Sick Boy
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  18. With the Slough swap meet due in late November, could these be combined in the Newbury area?
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  19. There's an idea

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  20. That thought went through my mind as well.
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